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    A bit of a surprise for me on this topic. My interest in Garden Street arises from the fact that two aunts lived there in the 1940s - 60s. They worked in one of the nearby clothing factories. We visited the house when I was young but they moved from the area by the mid 1960s. I mentioned the subject on a Facebook page recently and I've had a message from a lady who knew my aunts and worked with them. That's almost like meeting lost relatives who you never knew existed.
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    Phone consultation with the doctor this morning. Me being deaf, Mrs PP took the call. It appears that recent x-rays have confirmed what I suspected. Osteoarthritis of hip and spine along with osteostephs. A physio will phone shortly to give advice about exercise. Already done 30 min on the rowing machine before breakfast. My continued rowing is probably the reason that I am still very active. I can still lift both straight legs with feet together. Rowing is a great core strengthening exercise. It all happening this week. Had laser op on left eye on Monday following complete loss of sight in that eye. Not a good result although a little bit can be seen from the left corner now. A further op will be required. I am having to put drops in the eye every hour - a bit tricky yesterday when I was fishing in a boat on Blithfield Managed OK though and caught 12 rainbows Life is good..
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    I'd forgotten about Christopher64 and his connection with the area. If he's been lurking recently this might bring him back. I'v been looking at the 1939 Register on Ancestry and there's an entry for 43 Garden Street which mentions those names. Edith Mary Watson, born 1890, Hosiery Machinist. George William Watson, born 1888, Motor Engineer's Labourer Joan Mary Watson, born 1920, Despatch Clerk.
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    She can & she does while carrying the shopping too.
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    No problem BK. I was only kidding anyway. I'd probably never get the dog treats. My two would have 'em before I got anywhere near them.
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    Nothing personal LL, I was replying to a post above mine that appears to have disappeared. It's nice talking to you too ! I'll send a dog treat or two.
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    And out of more interest, for a few years in the late 1960s my dad worked in the chemists in that row of shops behind the bus.
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    Knew a few girls down that way Jill.........sadly no conquests ,, Edit........Dolly nearly was,,,but her Dad put a stop to it,,when he saw her in my Granville basket going down Hove road....
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    List of conquests in the immediate area, Ben? . This boy's memory is priceless!
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    Second thoughts BK
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    According to my foggy memory Beekay.. Goose Fair traditionally ran from midday on the first Thursday in Oct. (Which would indeed be today ...Thurs 1st. just..) And ran until midnight on the following Saturday. I haven't been since the 60s though and I think the times may have been extended. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nottingham_Goose_Fair
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    That's it. In phone books for the early 1980s, 12a Pepper Street is Westley's Restaurant. Nottm 586854 if you want to try ringing them.
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    No but I reckon the mad hatter woz ! ( Johnny Depp version). I'm off to bed now. Good night all and God Bless.
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    Catfan, could you hop up just one step? (Please don’t try x) Bet your other half could, though
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