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    Bored are we RR? decided to do a bit of fishing have we?
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    I’ve discovered something beneficial which has come from Covid. When you go into pub now, you can’t stand at the bar and order drinks; you sit down and the staff bring the drinks to you. This has put a stop to those irritating idiots who used to stand permanently at the bar and get in the way of people who just wanted to get a drink.
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    I think he'll be having another short helicopter trip from the Whitehouse to the hospital in the not too distant future and he'll be staying in longer next time.
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    It's not going to happen. He is an incurable narcissist. He's already wittering on about how he now 'understands' Covid. He understands nothing. Everything he sees is referenced through his own wonderfulness. He is borderline insane. The only way the USA and the World can be rid of this lunatic is if the voters of the US vote him out in numbers which cannot be massaged or faked. Or, if he is dead. Either will do.
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    The way in which we see the planet must change. It’s no good thinking that the idyllic countryside of yesteryear should and will always remain the same. . It’s our greedy use of electricity that has accelerated the need for the so -called ‘ugly’ solar and wind farms. We will increasingly rely on renewable resources and we need to embrace these if we want to maintain our energy-hungry lifestyles. In a hundred years, (if the world is still here) I think the people will probably be amused at our attitudes today, just as we are vaguely amused at people’s horror at the advent of the railways cutting through the countryside all those years ago.
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    The fact is it's not a stand alone problem, there are consequences. Admiring fields full of nice shiny panels or whizzing windmills is fine but the land they sit on once produced food to feed us. The shortfall in production has to be made up with imports and increases in food miles as we drag stuff in from around the globe.
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    Well, don't hold you breath. Up to the eighties opticians charged an arm and a leg for glasses because the had a monopoly under the Opticians Act. Operators like Specsavers and Vision Express came on the market with cheap frames and took over old established independent opticians. What did they do next? Put all the bloody prices back up again!
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    You take a pair that already fits and find a frame on their site to similar specifications. Any minor adjustments you can make yourself. I just get a prescription (free) and buy them on line. I’ve done it for some time and have always been very happy - especially with the price! High St.opticians are a complete rip-off but they are slowly coming into line with the online merchants to stay in business!
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    The Orange One was showing definite breathing difficulties as he was speaking outside his palace last night.
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    As my leader and leader of the free world I salute your courage, wisdom and foresight sir, you are indeed a great leader and saviour of the universe. Now can we please swap the bitch virus we have over here for your wonderfull five day over and done with variety?..
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    So the GOP (Great Orange Plonker) supposedly suffering from Covid 19 gets in his heavily armoured hermetically sealed tank and goes for a drive whilst in isolation to jolly up his supporters and puts his entire security detail at risk. Whilst I would not wish anyone dead I sort of hoped that if he does have Covid 19 he would have a near death experience that would change him into a more humane person with some empathy for those in the US who are ill or unemployed.
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    DJ 360 Didn't you know that Jaguars are notoriously unreliable and have quality problems. Might have been worse you could have bought Range Rover frames.
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    I don't view the countryside through rose tinted glasses much as I enjoy it. The fact is we live a tiny chunk of land that is slowly being washed away and the more we gobble up for commerce and industry the less there will be for those that follow us. People hated living near power lines, they will hate having a windmill in the backyard even more. Margie is right, we cannot carry on as we are but we say that and people nod slowly in agreement, something must be done - and go back to doing whatever they like and tomorrow is another day. What's the answer? no idea but what I do know if it's not a joined up solution it will fail.
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    There's a story in the news that he inherited a view from his grandfather that any kind of illness is a sign of personal weakness. Indications are that he had the virus several days at the very least before he admitted the fact - quite possibly longer. This included attending the presidential debate and a garden party with crowds of people, lots of hugging, few face masks etc. Normally you only need oxygen in the later stages of the virus, not in the first few days. His staff refuse to say when he last had a negative test. Very suspicious IMHO
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    He's only trying to convince himself. But you must admit he's being irresponsible in leaving the hospital whilst he's still contagious. He only wants to show everyone how " brave " he is. It was obvious from when he went in that he would force the Drs to release him. He's only interested in winning the election.
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    Solar panels in fields and wind turbines are a blight on the countryside. I suppose, like pylons, we will have to accept them eventually. Offshore turbines are better but still look horrendous as when looking out to sea at Chapel St. Leonard’s. Almost as horrendous as looking inland at the caravans!
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    Sadly the true cost of the panels mean we don't really save the planet and if the rest of us didn't contirbute to the cost of them through a tariff on our bills there would be no savings at all. Those 'early adopters' who are just about to reach break even point are now facing the prospect of having to replace them as they wear out and reach the end of their useful life.
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    At the end of the day Margie it's all about profit.
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    Phil. It’s not all about profit! We probably won’t recoup the cost of our solar panels But our electricity bill is quite low now and we do get money sent back to us from the solar panel company - average of £150 quarterly. We pay £40 / month on direct debit to the electricity company but some days this summer we were using less than £1 per day according to the smart meter. I pick the times to do the washing and the dishwasher etc to make the maximum use of the solar energy. I get a kick out of knowing that I’m helping our planet by using a natural resource to provide electricity.
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    The puns keep coming!
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    I don't need specs, so it's a bit out of my orbit!
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    remember strutting your stuff to this?....
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    Got my Covid test result this morning, pretty quick weren’t they ....... PP said it took about 10 days for his result. Anyway it was negative, so this further endorses my opinion that sending out these tests to random folk is a real waste of money. I’ve been into town today and all I’ve overheard people talking about is lost holidays and the possibility of a further lockdown. So depressing.
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    I haven't seen anything about the tangerine since last night s car jaunt. Just seen a headline about him taking off his mask but can't open the page, will try later.How can the hospital staff be so certain that he isn't infective. Cv doesn't come and go in 5 days and I'm certainly not informed or am a medic.I thought he would pull a trick like this. Has he got blinkers on or does he think he's the Chosen one ( his words) brought to protect us all. Hasn't someone told him there are other infections in the WH probably brought about by him and his stupid attitude. If he has learnt everything about the virus why is he still here. Forget about the election and go on a rampage to tell the public all about it and Donald don't forget your mask leave it at home , that way you'll get everyone's attention.
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    I've used Specsavers for years and have been highly satisfied with them. My lenses are coated anti scratch, transitions, (reactolight,) Being diabetic, a careful check is made each visit and I also attend Lewes hospital for diabetic retinopathy. When a prescription change is called for, I get normal distancing plus a pair of reading glasses, (these don't warrant transitions, just anti scratch). I choose plastic rather than glass as these are lighter to wear. I can even use my existing frames when changing, (although I realise they can't guarantee the frames as new). Don't suppose this helps but good luck Col.
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    If you've got a prescription try Spex for Less. Very cheap prices.
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    Your lenses Col, if i understand you correctly, have the coating damaged not the actual surface so two options. Have them reglazed or remove the coating completely until you're due a new pair. As far as I know opticians won't or can't recoat lenses. There are quite a few online sites offering reglazing I don't doubt you've looked at but the questions is do you trust them to get it right? You say they're extra thin, which simply means you chose a high index material, maybe choosing something less exoctic will reduced the price? Personally I'd shop around until all avenues were exhausted. And I agree, opticians are daylight robbery when you compare prices in other countries.
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    Paul, I have a recurring dream where I'm still working. It always turns out that something is proving frustrating or awkward. So I say to my bosses.. "Listen.. I've had enough of this..I've worked way beyond where I need to and I'm off!" Then I wake up and I realise I retired 6 years ago... which is all well and good except I no longer have the option of storming out...
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    Catfan, that is a bit ‘Gaia’ but I can understand what the author is saying
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    Probably an advanced warning of the life of a moderator on NS.
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    Have to get my results and recommendations ( for my hand) on Monday so got to get an appointment for Tuesday to see my dr. I want to ask home for a flu jab. A few years ago he advised me to get one around Oct/Nov but I forget and haven't bothered since. I'm lucky I don't get a cold easily and I've never had flu. So I think it's about time I stopped feeling so confident. Hope all your tests come back negative.
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    I’ve had a cold for a few days but it has developed into a hacking dry cough. No temperature and taste okay but I thought I ought to get a test as the cough is pretty bad. Went on line 8am and got a test 12.30. 60 mile round trip though, way up in Lincolnshire. If you go for one you need a phone as they show a signs with a phone numbers on at different stages and you have to ring them to speak to those outside the car. Strange to see about a one second delay when they speak. You don’t often ring someone your next to. Signs everywhere NO FILMING. I didn’t have my dash cam up. Wish I had. Wonder why you can’t film? Car windows closed at all time except getting and handing back the test. Result 24 to 48 hours. I’m in the ‘quite vulnerable try not to get it group’ due to age and medication I have to take. Not worried at all. No point. My wife says I’m being mardy and just have a cold. On another but related matter. The nhs track and trace app is not available to me as the iOS on my phone is not compatible and my phone is too old to update. Why assume people have the latest tech especially the older age group.
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    Is this who you are looking for? Dring family:- Emily Dring 47 widow born Sutton Cambridgeshire. Husband Clark Dring died 1897 aged 53. Harry 19 married to Polly 19 ( born Alford Lincolnshire ) . Kate 17, Charles 14, Frederick 11, Horace 7, Walter 4. All living Wainmans Terrace 1901 census. 1911 census has them at 19 Main Road, Carlton. She's now Emily Clayton widow. Living with her are Charles 23, Horace 17, Walter 14 . Walter married Lillian Ada Wealthall 1914. He died 9-4-1917 age 21 private 26862 Wiltshire Regiment 2nd Bn his widow was living at 65 Foxhill Road. This information comes from a World War 1 casualties site. https://u3asites.org.uk . In the 1950's 1960's a coal man named Dring operated in and around Netherfield. Emily remarried in 1902 but he didn't make the 1911 census.
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    Ben, I have to agree that Northampton is a good place to live, but its still not a patch on Nottingham.
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