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    Trivia via Facebook. Sean Connery died on 31-10-20. If you add up all those digits it totals 007.
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    Strange. This thread doesn't seem to have incurred the wrath of RR (so far).
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    Having spent a stressful night trying to calm two terrified dogs I would cheerfully insert the fireworks into the place where the sun doesn't shine and give the big bang brigade a bonfire night to remember.
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    Haven't had any slowness issues. It's faster than me anyway.
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    It’s gone youth It was the housing aid office before being demolished. Cracking tread with some excellent input & info from @IAN123. whatever happened to him?
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    Sorry to disappoint @jonab I’m an Apple man so I don’t get any computer problems, you get what you pay for.
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    I’m as guilty as anyone about fireworks. When the children were younger a couple of friends and I used to organise a village bonfire and firework display in the field behind the pub. We provided all the fireworks and didn’t charge admission. We had a charity collection. We still used to get moans from the freeloaders that it wasn’t spectacular enough so we packed it in. None of the moaners took it on! It does seem that fireworks today is all about loud exploding rockets, which are intensely annoying and very disturbing to animals. I’m all for banning the sale of fireworks to the public and for organised public displays only. I would still like to see the Houses of Parliament blown up though!
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    I love Linux. I have nothing micro$oft on my laptop. Works great and doesn't mess about with my computer.
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    My Dearly Beloved can't stand mess. Start to strip and wallpaper a room and after 3 hours or so she will be asking "will you be long"
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    Hope you took the 16/1 Den!
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    Guys and Girls, I dont know what category I should put this rant into so someone correct me if necessary. Ok, so I know we have to have some constraints such as a lockdown to try and contain this nasty virus. Like 000's of others I lost my job in the first lockdown and have been living a very simple almost in lockdown existence since then- hardly any spare funds so hardly going to a (still open) pub, not buying any clothes ( as no longer needed) etc etc and basically doing not much at all but staying in, and now I see on the Nottm news pages and news 000's of peeps waiting to shop at places such as Primark the day before another lockdown legally starts. OK its allowed but does anyone need more clothes right now?? - could they not have started to start their lockdown soon as it became mentioned as urgently req'd. and helped the situation. Books to read, games to play, foods- anything to get us thro the next 30 days Yes, but CLOTHES - FOR (everyone's) GOD SAKE, think about it.
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    It’s with deep sadness that I let you all know that Alan Roper, my father, passed away yesterday 2nd November 2020, aged 84 from pneumonia and covid-19. I’m, to say the least, Devastated. Having survived THREE cancer illnesses and a pneumonia and sepsis illness a couple of christmases back, he seemed invincible. He was the reason I became a DJ and then a redcoat at Butlins in 1990, having grown up with a dad who was a ‘star’, being compère, host and general manager of ‘The Heart Of The Midlands’ cabaret club in Nottingham. We met so many famous people, like Cannon and Ball (we lost Bobby just this weekend too didn’t we!), the chuckle brothers, Les Dawson and Norman Wisdom to name but a few. I wanted to be like him so much. He was never angry or bitter, occasionally grumpy as he got older but always has a smile on his face, cheeky jokes and and a positive outlook to life and all the crap he had to put up with, like covid isolation and lockdown that stopped us sharing precious time together. If I only learnt one thing from his life, it would be that strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought your couldn’t. He was a loving, compassionate, caring and often bloody-minded person, a reluctant parent and a great friend.
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    Just had a gander at her Twitter page, think your right don't look much like Mansfield? Unless owd Carolyn's on the Trent?
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