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    Well, I'm a bit disoriented. I was just putting some toilet water behind my ears and the seat fell on my head!
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    Christmas has become a tacky, commercialised spendfest. For many, it's a can't afford it but daren't do otherwise due to peer pressure spendfest. Christmas, as Dickens points out at the end of A Christmas Carol, is something that the old reprobate, Scrooge, kept from that time onwards every day in his heart. This is what those who identify as Christians try to do. Getting paralytic, over eating and running up credit card bills has no relevance whatsoever. I've put this on the wrong thread!
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    Beginning of this week we where told that we would have to wear face covering for indoor work (bit late to the party?) its only for about 2, 2 &1/2 hours, I have to admit it's horrid, you can't breath while working, hats off to the NHS & shop workers who wear them all day, don't know how they do it?
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    I'm pleased you sorted it all out Albert and if it all goes well then on-line shopping is fine. If however it goes belly up I wonder how many people factor in the value of their time to sort it out and then add that to the price they paid on line to see what the real cost was.
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    My GGGF was in the Southwell Union Workhouse in 1878 . This report in the Nottinghamshire Guardian when he was charged with gross insubordination . SOUTHWELL PETTY SESSIONS. FRIDAY.-(Before Major Becher) INSUBORDINATE PAUPERS. - Joseph Thraves, 41. William Bucklow. 70, and John Wilson, 69, three inmates of the Southwell Union Workhouse, were brought up charged with insubordination. William Shacklock, Master of the Workhouse said the defendants, who were inmates, were set to work in the garden, but on the previous day they refused to work until half past five o'clock in the evening. ln cross examination, witness said he did not recollect Bucklow telling hm that he was unable to work in consequence of his bad feet. Thraves alleged that he went away because Bucklow left off work, as he thought that if he remained Bucklow would be more severely dealt with . Wilson denied objecting to work. Bucklow and Thraves were sent to Southwell gaol for seven days each with hard labour, but Wilson was discharged.
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    Good for you mate ... go for it. It will be an enormous help to others whilst giving you a real purpose...
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    Players Horizon factory.
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    All done and dusted Bridie sorted me out.......Gave my ego a boost as well...she asked me if i would be a volunteer and speak to new Laryngectomees on a regular basis....apparently there's been a big increase in people having the Operation i had...I would have to go for some training to make sure i give em the right information....... Told her i'd be honoured and delighted to help....it would also motivate me too to get some sort of life back....Since my OP I must admit ive suffered emotionally.so it would also benefit myself.....i'd love to help people who are going thru the same thing...
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    Melissa, offering chocolate on here will probably go down vey well Make sure you can cope with the rush.
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