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  1. I would like to wish you all a happy, peaceful Easter & many new beginnings.
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  2. Would you believe it. After spending all that money on me for my birthday; the bo99er broke down. First of all one of the keys became loose, almost completely off and quickly followed by the pad freezing! Son was not a happy bunny. All that dosh and it was faulty. To cut a long story short, it was taken back to Curries on Friday and no problem, refund straight away and a new one ordered. That came yesterday and we are up and running again. Missed you all.x
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  3. Come on boys. Stop ganging up on a gel. Snot fair.
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  4. Yo'll after be careful Carni, if ya brek thisun it'll be a beaded Abacus for you.
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  5. Glad you're back Carni... If you brek this'un it's the naughty step for you m'girl..
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  6. Beekay, I don't really notice the bad dubbing, after about 5 minutes, i just get immursed in the film. Yes Cliff Ton the music and effects are great, my favourite is from The good, the bad and the ugly. That always takes me right back to my childhood.
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  7. I saw Love Affair at the Beachcomber as Everlasting Love was climbing the charts. There's is a great version.. but like most of us at the time I had no idea that it was a cover of this, the original Robert Knight version..which only made No. 40 in the UK charts.
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