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  1. The owner of one of our major supermarket chains has taken to publishing video of shoplifters at their stores on line via social media, good on him I say. Now the bleeding heart snowflakes are saying that it is infringing the civil rights of the shoplifters FFS. What about the rights of the shop owners to not have their stock stolen. It seems that one dubbed the "meat bandit" only stole cuts of the finest Waygu or eye fillets. If these people get prosecuted, many only get a slap on the wrist even though they may be serial offenders and perhaps get a line in the local press if they get con
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  2. Shoplifters come in all sorts of guises.....kids...teenage gangs.....violent pros......ordinary housewives.....bored Pensioners...wealthy middle class thrill seekers...... Most had a story to tell......must admit apart from the violent ones.....quiet enjoyed some of them......many were very funny......long time since i was involved with them......but still sometimes bump into old adversary's and share a chat over a cup of Coffee........its wrong what they do...but shoplifting will always exist (so long as there are shops)........they gave me a decent living for many years.
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  3. In Doncaster where I lived before there was a Costcutter supermarket in our mining village. They put the names of shoplifters up on the entrance door with “Banned from here” in big letters above the list. It was up for a while then one of them complained and they were made to take it down. I worked in a small convenience store in the village. The stores there had a system that when one of the local shoplifters was out again (they sometimes got a few weeks in prison or were tagged) the first shop they went in called all the others to let them know he/she was out and about again. We had pictu
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  4. Talking about grisly endings , this copied from a previous post on Griffin and Spalding about the discovery of 4 skeletons ( plus an extra skull !) during renovations in 1910 : ...."A lady asked about a story of a skeleton being found under some foundations of Griffin and Spalding in Edwardian times . Very little info available and the only reference I could find in the news archives was one from a Sheffield newspaper . Turns out there were four complete skeletons plus an extra skull ! At first it was thought the skeletons were the result of a cr
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  5. nonnaB Was it a doormouse? as in the uk they are endanged. Is it the same in Italy? but of cause if the mouse came from Holland from a windmall it would have little cloggs on. Sorry nonnaB could not resist.
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  6. Bloody nightmare at trent lock .... Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang that's all ya hear and I can't get me Dogs out from under the cupboards.... It wrecks em... No Fun for us or the dogs
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  7. Never been Colour prejudiced......so thought ''Lady in Red'' would be nice........just an aside'' one of my EX's loved dressing in Red...will never forget seeing her in a bright Red 'Trouser Suit' doing 'Cartwheels'' across the floor after tripping at a dance in Peterborough........lol.......she still don't laugh at the memory.....
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  8. Maybe the bats hear the clicks as a sort of Sonar. They send out a series of clicks when flying, it helps them navigate in the dark.
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  9. Perhaps they think I'm a long lost relative trying to contact them - a sort of 'bat text'? Or perhaps I'm just a batty old woman?
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  10. I'm really pleased to read your post, nonna. We've been worried by the lack of swallows here at the moment. It's nice to know they are alive and well somewhere. There are bats near to me. I stand in the garden at dusk and watch them having fun. They are quite spectacular. Mr and Mrs Igor, I've named them!
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  11. We have an invasion of swallows. They dont care where they fly and sometimes we have to duck. They find all the best places to rest on, like on the light outside my front door. If I leave the door open for the dogs to go backwards and forwards they fly into the hallway. This morning I must put something on or over the light to stop them using it as a toilet. They've left " messages" everywhere. Having said that they are quite a site to see. We also have a bat and sometimes his whole family sleeping behind the window shutter above my kitchen window. They too leave "messages" but they aren't "lo
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  12. Great day yesterday.....two of my Grandsons (9 and 6) spent the day with us...not seen em for about a year........i'm not an openly doting Grandad but i do love em to bits.......they spent all day playing on the Garden...mostly football...so decided to see if i'd still got any of my old skills.........much to their pleasure (and mine) i had.......... They loved it and couldnt stop laughing...I'd put my shorts and football socks on and was actually running with em...didnt think i still could.... They chanted ''Grandad'' ''Grandad'' so obviously played to the cro
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