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  1. In the early hours of the night, British 6 Airborne landed in Normandy. 77 years ago tonight. As far as I( can tell, Cpl William Bartle of Goodliffe St in Hyson Green was one of them, the first Nottingham soldier I can find to land there. Not far from the Merville gun battery, which could have caused astounding damage. For all of the brave soldiers who fought that day, please raise a glass. I will.
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  2. I have worked with learning problem adults. Can they help how they were born? If you have never been in this situation how can you post any thing? What must we do have all these people put down? Yes there are some who say that they are depressed, some get mixed up with being fed up and depression which is a mental state when a person has feelings of gloomand inadequacy. What about younsters who though no fault of there get hooked on drugs do we leave them or help them.
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  3. When doing the biopsy she said it will hurt a bit, I had to grit my teeth & bear it, it made my eyes water but was OK when the anesthetic got going, wouldn't want to do it again though. Would say it was on a par with my eye operation for scariness, but I'm a chicken & not very brave, cluck cluck...
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  4. The youth of today wouldn't last 5 minutes if transported back to WW1/2. They'd all be crying out loud on Facebook complaining about their human rights before they even got on the boat never mind off it; Twitter would go into complete meltdown with support for them. Shameful what we've become as a nation now, utterly shameful. National service would help but they'd all fall out about the nasty way they might be spoken to by the sergeants or the lack of availability of gender neutral toilets.
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  5. I’ve always been ‘up for it’. It’s got me into trouble and scrapes over the years but I just can’t resist having a go at anything. My mates would always push me to the front when volunteers were asked for. I have always been a bit of a daredevil. I wouldn’t say I was especially brave, it’s just that I don’t give a toss about anything and don’t consider the consequences. I will stand up and say the non politically correct thing at the most inopportune moment. Now I’m older I’m even worse and care even less. I amuse myself even though I don’t amuse others!
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  6. You are brave Colly.........Dad always told me........''if you are scared..but still do it...thats when you are brave''............ Got me many a good hiding...lol
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  7. I know the chap who owns the Blue Monkey brewery but I don't drink his beers even though some are prize-winning. I can't bring myself to pay £4 a pint for beer that's brewed from tap water in stainless steel tanks in a 'chemical factory' in Giltbrook! Perhaps all breweries are like that now. I like to think that craft beers are made in wooden vats from springwater and stirred by burly brewers in leather aprons! It was like that when I went round Bateman's 20 years ago and certainly at Shipstones in the 60's. They add chemicals to 'Burtonise' the tap water.
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  8. Tony Blackburn radio 2 Sounds of the 60's. I'm more of a 70's boy though TBH (born late '56) so this is a bit before me but still great. Love the show and dance around the kitchen with an old friend (in my mind) Victoria who's now sadly passed every Saturday morning to it. I loved her very dearly and so we always have a great jig and a laugh!
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  9. That's an easy decision for me, I don't drink, but I recognise those whose social sphere revolves mainly round drinking must be finding it frustrating. I said previously we are only a hop and skip away from a third wave and those not taking precautions seriously are (in my opinion as a fully paid up wetwipe snowflake), not helping.
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  10. I’ve never been on a jury but I was once a member of the judiciary so I’ve seen it from the other side. For 25 years I was a General Commissioner of Taxes and sat on tribunals to hear and decide on tax appeals. It was an interesting appointment and I generally sat for a half day each month. This could be in Newark, Grantham or Retford and occasionally Boston. Local background knowledge was often useful in making decisions and I got to discover who the local tax defrauders were! There’s lots of interesting stories to tell but I had to sign an official declaration of secrecy. The Inland Revenue
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  11. Not the best of news CF but hopefully further test will prove to be better... It's easy for the doc to say don't worry, he's not on the wrong end of the phone! Fingers crossed for you..
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