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  1. I found Charles H Staples, born circa 1868 in Codnor. In 1901 census he's living with wife Elizabeth at Ainsworth Terrace in the Meadows. There are also apparently several other members of the same family born around that time. They all end up living in various parts of Nottingham.
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  2. From the link below, it looks like some of the mens names were from Thomas Birkin's Son's. Perhaps other names have a Lace connection. http://www.nottsheritagegateway.org.uk/places/forestfields.htm The naming of some of the streets showed clearly the influence of Thomas Isaac Birkin. His sons were Thomas Stanley (Stanley Road), Alexander Russell (Russell Road) and Richard Leslie (Leslie Road). A Wilfred Road, named after another son, Charles Wilfred, was intended but not built. Gladstone Street and Ewart Road may also have a Birkin connection as he was President
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