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  1. A relative asked me if I had applied for the “Warm Home Grant”, something I had never heard of. Checked with Octopus and it was on their website. Usually I don’t meet the criteria for things like that as a I don’t get Pension Credit etc. but gave it a look. Amazingly I could qualify as I get under £16,000 a year so that was section 1 filled in and surprise surprise I am over 62 so that was section 2 taken care of. Pressed the submit button and off it went into the ether. I then got an email from Octopus telling they had received it along with how it works. It is £140 and if I get it it wi
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  2. Today was my first day of gainful employment since I took early retirement seven years ago, and after a day of doing online training, it was almost like I’d never been away, although this is a completely different kind of job to what I’ve done previously. So when you next see a white and orange supermarket delivery van on the roads of Notts, be nice - it might be me!
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  3. I've just bought meself one of those Thermos flasks. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. But how does it know the difference?
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  4. My mum had the hot wax treatment as part of her physio after breaking a wrist in her 70s. She loved it. Sorry to disappoint you, Beekay. You have cervical vertebrae but you don't have a cervix. It's not included with the XY kit!
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  5. However many of them there may be, keeping students all in one place has a number of benefits. When they live in normal houses amongst normal people, there are always complaints about noise, litter, car parking, anti-social behaviour, etc etc, caused by the students. Their increasing presence has ruined many previously-decent areas.
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  6. As a holder of a class 1 licence I have some sympathy but in my experience truck drivers were only ever seen as knights of the road in their own minds, everyone else only ever saw them as big, dirty, in the way and a necessary evil. It's true during the 70's 80's truck drivers were seen as second rate, not so much now though. But is a shortage of drivers due to Brexit and our continetal cousins buggering off back to Bulgaria or wherever. or are they wanting to be home with families during a pandemic? Since greedy developers began covering every available blade of gras
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