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  1. Macs are no less vulnerable to attacks than any other computer, the real reason is that there are far more Windows machines out there and hackers target based on volume of users vs their rate of success.
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  2. Have you selected the USB as the source ?
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  3. Thanks Col. I did some research and learned what you’ve explained. Rather a nuisance then.
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  4. And I thought everything in hospitals was fine and dandy but it doesn't appear to be so. Its so frustrating to know you have to have an operation and you're in pain then you have to wait for maybe a few years. Normal channels here being Drs appointment, he gives a prescription to see specialist, we choose from either who we know or has been recommended by Dr or people we know, ring for appointment and it goes from there usually ending with a lurch forward from specialist and ends with an operation. Some appointment for ops do take a long, long time to be released but at least we have the oppor
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  5. Col, I am so sorry you are having all this pain. I hope you will get a blue badge as it may make your life a little bit easier in general x
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  6. This is it I believe, or rather bits of it. 2nd photo by Robert Lee, guessing the first one is as well. (not from nottstalgia)
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