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  1. Today, after resting my aching knees for a few days, I decided to go for a walk. I set off downhill to the 'Eddleston Waters'..a fishing pond, developed on land purchased by the local Eddleston Charity Trust. I was mostly intending to see if any Fungi are appearing, as there are some old trees around there. Before I'd gone more than a few hundred steps both knees were 'killing', but I reasoned they are already buggered and I can do them no more harm.. so just push on.. grin and bear it... or wince and bear it.. Can't sit in a chair forever.. At least the old ticker gets a work out.
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  2. They said that about Formula Shell a few years ago. Look what damage to engines that caused.
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  3. We or more accuratley I eat crusty uncut bread and it's annoying to see a large loaf is cheaper to buy than a small one - so potentially a lot goes to waste. Popping to a local CO-OP, a rare event, on impulse I bought a seeded sourdough half loaf. Lord knows why they sell in halves but it was bloody lovely and no waste, win win!. We have a bread maker (damn you Paul Hollywood), but try as we might the result is not very good. Any realtionship between the bread we turned out and the picture on the recipe book is pure rumour. Perhaps my memory of the crusty bread from Juvells o
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