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  1. Had a great day today. Donned the lycra and went for a birthday ride, which is my custom. The vintage LOOK KG 281 with Campagnolo Record gears is still a delight to ride. This afternoon I attended the weekly meeting of the Coffin club at our local where we bragged at how well we felt and discussed the merits of heat pumps. It's been a full week. Last w/e we were taken on a tour of cider farms in Somerset by our Granddaughter. Yey! Proper cider! During to week we stayed in Bakewell for our 59th anniversary, On our way back we had lunch at Carsington, where I bought a bike for our Gt Grandd
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  3. We’ve had an interesting, frustrating and expensive couple of days. we flew to Malaga last Sunday to stay in Marbella with friends and had a great time in warm sunshine, good food and plenty to drink in great restaurants and bars. They have a fantastic apartment only 3 minutes walk from the beach so it’s an ideal location. All went well until we decided to go for a quick walk to the little local market on Friday morning. Walking back to their place to pack and tidy up (as our friends were flying back too, after being out there for 7 weeks) …… Roger and my bestie were walking ahead o
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  4. Had my booster jab (Pfizer) on Saturday at my doctors surgery, exactly 6 months to the day of my second jab. Must say the system in place ran smoothly, very impressed with the surgery nurses (not a doctor in sight I might add) who even handled an elderly lady who wanted an AZ booster as that was the initial jabs she had with tact and kindness eventually persuading her to have the booster. However later on Saturday afternoon I got another txt inviting me to have my booster as there were appointments available on Sunday & then got the link to book an appointment. Bit of an admin blip there
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  5. Why is it the so many Nottinghamians can't spell MAID MARIAN WAY correctly, its an A not an O!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. Colly, all the best for your radiotherapy sessions starting in 10 days’ time. I feel sure many on here will be thinking of you… Let us know how you get on x
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  7. Many years ago we spent New Year in Rome with friends. New Years Eve we went to the Rome Opera House to see ‘Tosca’, insisting that our two men wore dinner jackets because we thought it was a recognised thing to do, but they stood out like a sore thumb, surrounded by very casually dressed Italians! Next morning, New Year’s Day, we caught a bus from our hotel to St Mark’s Square to see the Pope give his New Year address to the adoring followers. It was a cold, wet day, we were warmly dressed and the bus was crowded, we had to stand. When we got off the bus our friend Bill suddenly realised
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  8. Hi Cliff Ton Oh those pictures are so sad, my dad loved working there, he used to tell us about all the tobacco that had to be disposed of (accompanied by customs). Think it used to be incinerated. Also remember they used to get their best baccy from Rhodesia (as was) and then had to swap to other markets including British American tobacco. I can remember visiting their offices in North Carolina and there was an area that was like a shrine to John Player with all sorts of memorabilia. Mrs B
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  9. I got a certificate in Window dressing.......if thats any good?........
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  10. Remember Dancing in a club in Wolverhampton..near Wolves football ground 'Molyneaux'' (sp) to this early 70s...Memorable night...went for my first 'Massage and Sauna..same night.....also a girl who reckoned she was a 'Witch' put a spell on me......told me beware of ''Fire and Water''
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  11. 0 to 60 in 3.2secs. Range 500 miles. Max weight load 115 kilos. I lie of course, what specs do you want?
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  12. @IAN123. Sapna. Brings back memories. I was working in Dollond & Aitchison, Vic Centre late 70's, when the daughter of the Sapna's owner joined as a trainee. She only lasted a few months but as it covered Christmas we had a do there. Very messy. A couple of years later, I'd moved to Newcastle by then, I took my now wife, with two other couples for a drink round Nottm & food in the Sapna. The place was empty apart from two obnoxious public school types. They were giving the waiters grief, saying they had Aids so they'd have to sterilise the cutlery, we ignored them. until the
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