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  1. Thanks o everyone for cheering me up. Carcinoma of the nasopharynx nearly did me in 30 yrs ago. Prostate cancer 12 yrs ago. So now it's time to get on with things Thanks Again
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  2. Its the only thing you can do , get on with it and enjoy life however you can. I can only imagine you must feel with your problems, me knee replaced both, shoulders replaced , left one twice should have had the right one replaced again 3 years ago , but circumstances have delayed it, hopefully it will be done in next few months. kidney cancer 3years ago and now have another problem with my stomach , had loads of tests 2 different scans and they think its the bile duct or something else ,name to difficult to remember . But life is here to be enjoyed however you can, get on and do what you
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  3. He's not really Trogg... he's the bionic man! Thankfully, he's never needed a sense of humour replacement!
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  4. Thank you to everyone for my Happy Birthday messages, really appreciate it. Only another day older I keep telling myself. Would really love to be back though dancing on that stage at the Union Boat Club back in the day! Would look pretty stupid now though I guess. Sleep tight all x
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  5. Supported Brian Poole and the Tremeloes at a Manchester gig. Regards,Will2017
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  6. Enjoyed a few 'Tremeloes' records back in the day...... Once caught a ''Shoplifter'' named Brian Poole.......swore he wasn't ever a 'Tremeloe''.............
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  7. Finished my little pixie today
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  8. I've just had a telephone consult about my hearing: Do you work in a noisy environment? No, I'm retired Ever had a head injury No Do you work nights? ? no I'm 77 this year Would you like to make a hospital appointment, or go to Specsavers NHS Do you have problems with balance Yes When at work, in a crowd, or a group of people ............ Give me strength... is there any point? Twenty minutes buggering about on the phone, she even asked what type it was, to answer questions that would take less than 5 minutes face to fa
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