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  1. Supermarkets are the worse for asking silly questions, when you are at the check out and you have a pile of shopping , they always say do you wanna bag for that lot ? Nah don't worry, I will put it all in me back packet , OF COURSE I WANT A BLEDDY BAG , AND IF THEY ARE FREE , I WILL HAVE TWO !!!!!!!!
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  2. Ian, I avoid that lot wherever possible. I knew of someone who went there once and was never seen again. Rumour has it that he emigrated to Littlehampton. Each time I've been there, somebody pinched me Gall bladder. Or stuck some stents in me.
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  3. Mrs.Beeeeee, I would be totally lost without your support to bolster me up. I realise transport is not for everyone, neither is gardening or cooking, but doesn't mean I don't like reading these forums. I've said it before, but I like to think I've made friends and acquaintances all over the planet, even as far as Oakham and Melton Mowbray. Even know some people in Lincolnshire. Nottstalgia is great for learning stuff and passing on tips about other stuff. So if I need to know how to treat me Hollyhocks, I'll buzz you lil sis.
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  4. He would be off to San Jose if he knew the way
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  5. Just wondering how many of his songs would have been hits without the input from Hal David's lyrics?
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  6. Just read that Blakey has joined the community just now. Welcome aboard Blakey ! Look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to join in whatever banter you read. Heyup Rog., a very good morning to you and yours. Is it warm enough for you?
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  7. Apparently the new edition of 'Classic Bus' magazine has a special article commemorating the formation of Midland General/ Notts & Derby Traction, in case anyone is interested.
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