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  1. A bit blurry, but this is one of my bike rides. Me on a bike at Clifton in the late 1960s.
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  2. Last weekend, planning for a short break of 4 nights in Northumberland, I decided to sow my 40 different tomato seeds in individual pots covered in clingfilm, hoping they would be well on their way to germinating indoors when we got back yesterday. I had bought new seed from Franchi Italian Seeds and used really good compost as we had a very bad yield last year. Also saved piccolo seeds from last year. I asked my daughter who is still at home at 35 to watch over them and take the cling film off those that were shooting. She’s not a stranger to this process as have been doing this for years. We
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  3. County - No game this weekend but rivals Wrexham thumped Oldham 51 to get to 100 points, 3 points ahead of the Maggies and played the same number of games. County play 10th placed Wealdstone on Friday night at Meadow Lane and after that away at Wrexham in what could be the automatic promotion decider. Stags - 6,000 fans were on hand to see them thump Crawley Town 4-1 at Field Mill leaving Crawley in a dire battle to avoid relegation. Stags are now two points from a play-off spot with a game in hand over their rivals. Davis Keillor Dunn scored a brace in the second half in an easy w
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  4. Swapped the knobblies on the Trek for a pair of Continental double fighters - urban tread but small raised sections at the edge for the odd foray onto loose stuff. Combined with a smaller crank makes it easier for this arthritic old git to make reasonable progress!
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  5. Came down there on my 1937 Hercules with drum brakes Phil, not one of my best ideas, put the brakes on halfway down and the bloody thing picked up speed, only just managed to get round the right hander at the bottom and I didn't have to pedal again till I got to where the old railway crossing was, phew Rog
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  6. I just logged on to post the link to this video as a gift to you Col. Unsurprisingly you be at me to it.
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