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  1. Oz, Seems the standard of the half time bacon rolls is going to remain unchanged. The Viking I predicted to take over at Notts is staying put and the National League's hottest property has resigned his job and is coming to Notts full-time. Maynard's appointment is very typical of the Reedtz bros. modus operandi. The departures of Ian Burchnall and Luke Williams both yielded good returns in the form of compensation payments for their services. These guys are pretty shrewd operators. They usually but not always get a decent return on their investment. Stuart Maynar
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  2. I was made redundant twice during my working life. Neither occasion was unexpected, but both times it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and before long I was in a better position than I was before it happened.
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  3. Sorry to hear your news Melissa but as others have said it may be your chance to look around and try some thing different. I have had a great day we went into Hucknall and sat inside a nice warm Greggs with a bacon baguette and coffee and watched the world go by. Then home and the chainsaw out and took the other cherry tree down, no more sweeping leaves up in the front garden again, cleared every thing up. Then into the house when I finally sat down suffering I thought that was a stupid idea, when will I ever learn.
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  4. This is very like my lovely Granddaughter.......who dances where ever she is...
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