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  1. Despite Mans best attempts to spoil our world...............it is untouchable...and always will be...........
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  2. So sad, even though I’ve not set foot in the place for more than 50 years it was part of my growing up and holds good memories. It will be a pity if it’s demolished however it does look very tired and scruffy now.
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  3. "Morning a great song we sang this in prayers at Nuthall Cowsheds seventy seven years ago.
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  4. Feeling sentimental this morning.........thought i'd play mine and Donna's special song.............. Never been to New York city or even the moon............. But she being a 'Country Girl ' at heart used to get lost between Bulwell and Basford.....
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  5. BK, until you mentioned it, I'd never heard of 8D. However, I looked it up and found info which is in the link below. Briefly, it is a sort of 'fake' surround sound, created by adding echoes etc., which fool the ear/ brain into 'hearing' surround sound. It reminds me of something EMI did years ago which I think may have been called 'Sensaura' It worked without headphones.... until you moved your head...whereupon the effect fell apart. So using headphones obviously gets past that problem. If you like the effect I see no reason not to pursue it. I'll check it out when I have
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  6. The Trent is mid level at the Colwick Gauge and looks normal where the Greet enters at Fiskerton. The lake at the bottom of our field has completely disappeared. More rain forecast for next Wed/Thur though.
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