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  1. Andy Chawner Born in the fifties. Baby in Clifton. Childhood spent in Radford. (Lived above mum's woolshop 'Sylvia’s' on Alfreton Road). Teenager in Aspley. 20s in Forest Fields and Western Boulevard 30s onwards back to Aspley. Went to: Croft Nursery Bentinck Primary (1964-69) High Pavement Grammar School (1969-74) People's College Printing College at West Bridgeford and Trent Polytechnic buildings. Ended up owning and managing family design and printing business (Desa Ltd.) Now in my sixties but have a teenage
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  2. Memories - Balloon Woods etc 1950s/60s George and his horse and cart. He had a small-holding next to railway line opposite the riding school. Used to deliver vegetables on Trowell Road, Trowell Avvy etc. Once let me (5) ride his horse. My Dad following the riding school horses with a bucket and shovel to collect their droppings for his garden (an early version of 'Please Pick Up After Your Horse'?) D9 bus from outside Marsdens. Remember one conductor did great Del Shannon impersonations: 'Runaway' etc. Another, very posh, had been a teacher but, as my Mum told me, had suffered a
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  3. I was in the single storey building by the west gate entrance opposite Fields hangar on the far side of the hangar. Ended up working for them off and on for almost 30years, till they were bought up by BA.
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