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    This clique ( a small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them), is not actually a clique at all. What you find if you can be bothered to look is a group of people who share a common interest and you are welcome to join any of the myriad posts that are under comment and discussion. As the News of the World once boasted - All human life is here. Please leave any bad attitude at the door. Thank you
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    Weather permitting we will be making up a flask (tea), wrapping up warm and walk Kai down to Wollaton Hall. We will sit on a bench by the lake and have a cuppa. Nothing very exciting but a small pleasure.
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    Sadly as time goes on, we seem to now know of people in our areas or relations coming down with the virus. It was figures and graphs once, but now it is names we know. I'm sad to say that the family living in the adjoining side of our semi have fallen victim to the virus now. The eldest of three children was diagnosed on Sunday so the whole family are now isolating themselves. Apparently the school at Telford has children with the virus, so they think she caught it there???? Yesterday we took our Granddaughter to the Aston Uni, to bring all of her belongings back home, so she is not alone in the rooms on her corridor at the campus. She is not one for night life/Parties or revelling it up, and has decided to study from home, where at least she has her mums company and us Grandies just around the corner. The other seven students on her corridor have all gone home already. Look after yourselves everyone.
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    Well, I'm a bit disoriented. I was just putting some toilet water behind my ears and the seat fell on my head!
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    Our schools are now closed. Lockdown? If it's not happened during the night, it's very close and undecided. Whose fault is it? No body has a clue, but universities and schools opening again, overloaded public transport, returning holiday makers, people travelling in infected areas? Who knows? Think we will remember 2020 with anger, sadness and memories of loneliness, but also with adapting new ideas, learning new skills and obeying rules.
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    And my lady consultant said,,""getting the cats would be the best therapy possible""
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    Sorry to hear about this carni, but I'm sure everything will turn out ok. You've come through quite a lot medically in the last few years and I'm sure you'll come through this as well. The virus will find that you're stronger than it expected
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    Here's a video wot my brother found on You Tube. It covers Great Central form London Marylebone to Nottm Victoria and beyond.... up to Hucknall, Annesley etc. Most of the local excitement comes in the last 3rd of the film. Shots of Boowul Common are especially nostalgic to me. Can even see the 'old' 'new' Golden Ball pub. I saw it built during my early adolescence.. I replaced the old, old Golden Ball in Boowul Town Centre. All gone.
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    As per usual, I won't be relying upon the Govt. or 'social pressure' to tell me what to do for Christmas. The following facts remain facts (unless you are some sort of weirdo Covid Denier) 1. The Virus is still out there. 2. It is still highly contagious. 3. Few..if any.. have any immunity. 4. It affects the elderly and those with 'co-morbidities' in a disproportionate fashion. It follows. in my World. that Christmas does not negate the risk. I cannot express how much I miss seeing and hugging my Grandkids. I also miss seeing my daughters. One of them in particular needs a hug right now. But. One hug now could potentially be the last. I don't like those odds. I will not mix with my own kids and Grandkids over Christmas. We have all remained safe for 9 months by seeing lock downs etc.. as a protection.. not a burden. We will have to restrict our Christmas meetings to virtual ones via WhatsApp etc. Realistically, this is simply the difference between staying apart, and spending a few hours together. I'm sure we can all cope. We are in daily contact as it is.. Until a vaccine provides individual protection..and also begins to limit the spread of Covid.. I'll stick to these principles. Look up 'Deferred Gratification'. It's a worthwhile principle.
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    That is good news nonnaB From being almost normal here on Sunday and us planning to go to a country race meeting and stay overnight this weekend. No-one in the state is going anywhere. Unless you are an essential worker, only one person in the home is allowed out once per day to shop or go to the doctors or chemists, No other outside activity is allowed. Where you were at midnight last night is where you have to stay for the next six days. The only things open for the next six days are supermarkets, petrol stations, chemists, doctors surgeries and essential services such as water, power and telecoms and food transport and agricultural/food processing facilities. All other factories are closed except those with continuous process such as steel mills and foundries. Schools are closed this time too and you cannot have a wedding or a funeral. This comes about as a result of a covid cluster in the northern suburbs of Adelaide where they believe the means of transmission were contaminated surfaces. In total there are 23 confirmed cases with another 7 suspected positives. They say this strain has a short infection cycle of three days and it started by a cleaner working in a medi hotel where returning travelers are quarantined caught it and passed it on to their family. The amazing thing is that they were not regularly testing workers in these medi hotels. They have decided to put in place severe restrictions for six days and then a reduced level for 8 days after that if things are controlled by then. The village idiots are out hoovering up supplies of toilet paper and dry goods as if the world is ending. The thought process behind this "circuit breaker" lockdown is to go hard and go early and stop this cluster in its tracks I am rapidly running out of jobs to do around the house but as today is forecast to be 35 deg I won't get much done anyway. Stay safe and well everyone.
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    Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover that the cure for this virus is a large box of cream cakes? B*gger Pfizer, et al. Let's all rush down to Birds and empty the shelves. Wipe that cream off your chops, Carni!
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    Just had the annual letter about the heating allowance! Looking at last years heating costs it ain’t going to make a big difference to me. I’m sure this money could be better channelled elsewhere to more needy causes.
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    Trivia via Facebook. Sean Connery died on 31-10-20. If you add up all those digits it totals 007.
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    Strange. This thread doesn't seem to have incurred the wrath of RR (so far).
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    Hi Loppy, I have had cataract surgery on both eyes in the last two months. Absolutely brilliant, you don't know how bad your eyes are until someone fixes them as the deterioration is so slow you don't notice it. The operations were no problem, twighlight anaesthesia only after affect was like having sand in your eyes the evening of the operation but it was gone in the morning. Hope the BP can be controlled and that you can go ahead and have the operation. Then like me you will be able to see a pimple on a gnats bum at 50 paces.
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    Perhaps you may want to do some research on the characteristics of cliques, Brew.
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    I wish, I must calm down think of my blood pressure. Jill I am lucky Mrs Trogg never reads any of my posts, she considers anything I say or write irrelevant.
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    I take it you mean David Icke and not Jesus, Lizzie. Mind you, anyone who can turn water into wine is pretty handy in my opinion.
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    A Mega Large Like to you all.xxx
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    Some won't, Nonna. Headline from report from doctors in Italy in the Times today "Covid deniers abuse doctors across Italy as deaths mount" To paraphrase Basil Fawlty " We've got both ends of the evolutionary spectrum staying tonight"
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    That's the second ton and a half of rocks loaded up and taken away. Took the other half of rocks up to one of our fishing pools to plug a leak. This afternoon spent pick axing roots of Yew tree. It will take at least 2 more days but it's the sort of work that I enjoy. Just sitting behind a nice Bourbon at the mo.
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    I'd post a pic but it would frighten the horses...
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    I do have a banjo and I can play the theme from ‘Deliverence’ - but rather slowly. I do dress like a hillbilly though as Ben suggests.
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    It’s with deep sadness that I let you all know that Alan Roper, my father, passed away yesterday 2nd November 2020, aged 84 from pneumonia and covid-19. I’m, to say the least, Devastated. Having survived THREE cancer illnesses and a pneumonia and sepsis illness a couple of christmases back, he seemed invincible. He was the reason I became a DJ and then a redcoat at Butlins in 1990, having grown up with a dad who was a ‘star’, being compère, host and general manager of ‘The Heart Of The Midlands’ cabaret club in Nottingham. We met so many famous people, like Cannon and Ball (we lost Bobby just this weekend too didn’t we!), the chuckle brothers, Les Dawson and Norman Wisdom to name but a few. I wanted to be like him so much. He was never angry or bitter, occasionally grumpy as he got older but always has a smile on his face, cheeky jokes and and a positive outlook to life and all the crap he had to put up with, like covid isolation and lockdown that stopped us sharing precious time together. If I only learnt one thing from his life, it would be that strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought your couldn’t. He was a loving, compassionate, caring and often bloody-minded person, a reluctant parent and a great friend.
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    You can overlay one map onto the other and adjust the scales to match, like this
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    Thanks for that, Beekay. Fortunately, I don't suffer from ingrowing toenails but if I did, you've just put me off seeking treatment. You see, the best way to deal with me is by tranquilizer dart, when I'm not aware that it's coming! I'm a 5 star, genuine, copper bottomed coward!
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    Way back when I was an adolescent.. I was, as I am still.. mad about music. Thing is, due to terminal lack of funds and not even a decent radio in our house, I grabbed my music wherever I could. One such vehicle was a film called 'It's Trad Dad'. At the time, my pop sensibilities were added to by a love of 'Trad', as represented at the time by the likes of Acker Bilk, Chris Barber, Kenny Ball, Bob Wallis, Monty Sunshine, Mike Cotton, Ken Colyer, Humphrey Lyttleton and Co. This film.. like almost all of the genre, was total rubbish from the point of view of the plot... There wasn't one.. other than a sort of 'Let's Do The Show Right Here! combined with 'Teenagers take on The Establishment', in similar fashion to 'The Young Ones'. But that's not the point. It was the music which made the film for me and for years I've looked for it in vain. So.. fast forward to yesterday when I decided, more in hope than expectation.. to watch a film from Talking Pictures, called 'Ring A Ding Rhythm'. I soon realised that the film was very familiar and discovered that it was in fact 'It's Trad Dad!', under the guise of its alternative American title. So.. I enjoyed an hour or so of all those Trad bands listed above. Yet.. I also saw people like Del Shannon, Gene Vincent, the Paris Sisters and.. memorably.. Gene McDaniels. McDaniels performing 'Another Tear Falls'.. yet another of the originals later covered by the Walker Bros. I didn't recall any of those from the original film. Was I just not tuned into them at the time? Or were they added in for the American Audience and just not in the film I saw? Whatever... I absolutely loved the Temperance Seven. ( There were nine of them) They played the fool.. but were all excellent musicians. I was always worried that the singer 'Whispering' Paul Mc Dowell..wouldn't make it to the microphone in time.. but he always did... Paul Mc Dowell continued to appear as an actor on TV for many years and left us in 2016.
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    My day or afternoon seemed to be like a quick tour before arriving at the clinic for my injection. Leaving the house we travelled along the Motorway towards Barolo ( yes it's wine but also a town ) then passing through Santa Margherita where the film " The secret of Santa Margherita" was made starring Anthony Quinn and seeing the hills at Cinzano where the locals hid their wine from the Germans during WW 2. From there we entered Pollenzo and the walled property which belonged to the famous King of Italy. Tour more or less over before we passed through flat areas and arrived at our destination at Savigliano. Waited for a while before I was called in and dr gave me the injection into my wrist. Did you hear me scream? Well not quite but I'm glad it was the last one. Paid my € 60 and went downstairs where my husband was waiting in the car as he wasn't allowed in with me. " I'm waiting for the breakdown service they'll be here in 1/2 hr." Apparently he'd been trying to fix the car radio as the radio and CD player weren't working and the time etc was anything to what it should be. But he must have touched something as he couldn't get the car started. Anyway the car was started with jump leads and we had no more problems with it and got back home in reverse order so it wasn't quite so nice to look at. Might be boring to some but we do live in a lovely area with a lot of history and I enjoyed the 3/4 hr drive more than waiting at home wondering what I could do next.
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    Caught the number 2 into town yesterday afternoon around 2:30pm only Mrs & me on it, most of the shops & streets where empty, witnessed a lad filling his big Primark bag in JD Sports with a Adidas sweatshirts £60 each & he had a good 8 or 9! Had 2 drinks in Cross Keys, empty, dinner in Bistrot Pierre only 2 other tables taken, jumped the 28 home, empty. I can’t see this virus or things improving anytime soon, this is going to go on for years & years, or just becomes the new normal & we learn to live with it
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    KNEW i had a Picture of Gloria (or is it Jill) outside SAMSONS in Norwich...after we had danced the 'Black Bottom......lol
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    You must have been gutted, CT!
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    Anyone seen me snorkel & goggles?
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    Melissa, offering chocolate on here will probably go down vey well Make sure you can cope with the rush.
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    I must have missed the post about your fall Lizzie. Hope that you're not in too much pain! Hope your wrist feels better soon also Nonna
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    I think the Fox and Grapes - AKA Pretty Windows was indeed on Sheridan St and the pub on 'marketside' ie Bath St side of Sneinton Market was actually called 'Market side' in my day !!!!!! Being a Sneinton lass i was way too familiar with all the local pubs my Mum and her friends hung out in - though it now makes a great conversation point if anyone from outta-town starts up ( especially when they think they know it all - bless)
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    If you are cutting it across the trunk in both scenarios, it will take 25 minutes. Unless this is a trick question?
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    I'm sure we went to the same shops Ben. They were mostly grocery shops, pharmacies, hairdressers etc. My area over the week ranged from Grantham down to St Neots. Fridays was the other side of the A1, Oundle, Market Harborough, Corby and Kettering, with lots of little villages and schools fitted in. I'll bet at some time or other, I've actually served you and delivered your goods.
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    Yes, you've got me there Brew, but wanting fairness and justice in the world doesn't mean I actually hate the politicians who don't bring this to their country. I think some of them are selfish and sometimes even worse, but somewhere, deep down in their very being, I believe there must be a small glow of goodness. However, there are some with whom I probably wouldn't enjoy socialising, whether it be in a Con Club or even a Labour Hall! But it has nothing to do with 'class' Phil, please define OIKS...I'd like to know in case I'm one as well
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    Very disappointed Lizzie that you were not on first list.....i know i would have got a Dance with you...obviously now we need to know how you'd be dressed ...before we allow you to join..............Once chairman Trogg sorts the venue out..your application will go to the vote,,,i'm sure you be ok.....
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    I’m as guilty as anyone about fireworks. When the children were younger a couple of friends and I used to organise a village bonfire and firework display in the field behind the pub. We provided all the fireworks and didn’t charge admission. We had a charity collection. We still used to get moans from the freeloaders that it wasn’t spectacular enough so we packed it in. None of the moaners took it on! It does seem that fireworks today is all about loud exploding rockets, which are intensely annoying and very disturbing to animals. I’m all for banning the sale of fireworks to the public and for organised public displays only. I would still like to see the Houses of Parliament blown up though!
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    I love Linux. I have nothing micro$oft on my laptop. Works great and doesn't mess about with my computer.
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    Looking like full lockdown on Wednesday, just finished work texted a few lads see what towns like, most pubs are doing soup and a roll for a £1 or pork pie & salad £1 Cornish pasty & salad £1 as part of the restrictions.
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    So all the patients clogging up the hospital beds are just pretending to be ill then?
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    Hiya PP., tried to zoom in on the picture and the shield looks like some sort of dormitory award, only can't make out the middle bit. Not much help I know. Take care. How's the chickens?
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    I thought we had good views across the valley but that is spectacular!
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    Good job you didn't try to marry one of 'em BK. You would never be 100% sure which one it was at the church.
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    I'm not vegetarian, and have never planned to be, but reading alisoncc's post is the kind of thing that might convert me.
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    A similar shot from a lower angle, mid sixties (photo Nottingham Post)
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    After the snow...came the flooding.City Ground 1947.
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