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    Still finding stuff i had forgot about from when we moved last June,,,today it was 3 really old photos........one in black and white of the wife's parents from their '''Courting days'' in Exeter,,,found a nice frame for it and now sits with us in the Lounge,,made Donna happy. Another i dug out again in black and white,,was a Portrait of my Grandad Ben,,,in his navy days of the first world war,,taken on HMS Roxburgh,,,ive just read up about it and it saw action in the North sea off the Norwegian coast and the Atlantic,,where it rammed a German submarine,,Grandad never mentioned it,,,funny how they never did back then,,bless em. The last one was of me aged about 5,,,a Re-colourized photo in a fancy mirrored frame,,,i was obviously wearing clothes my dear Mam had made,,(she was a seamstress) they were all either in Pink or white even the shoes....surely they weren't the original colours,man of my Calibre lol,, Anyway all three are now in the lounge all together,,,enjoyed sorting and cleaning,,
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    Never having penned anything for such a nostalgia website before, can I ask if the following rings any bells? From living on Beechdale Road and going to John Player Infants, then to Beechdale Juniors, then to Robert Shaw Primary. From there to Glaisdale Secondary Modern and finally to Forest Fields Grammar School on Stanley Road - with school trips to Interlaken (Switzerland), Bopprard am Rhein (Germany) and Zell am Zee (Austria). Then with the 53rd Scout Group at St. Margaret's Aspley to EMEB Showrooms at Carrington Street, West Bridgford and Hucknall. To also include Including playing on the little Pitch and big Pitch on Beechdale Road, train spotting on Radford Bridge Road, through Brown's Woodyard to Wollaton Hall to see the stuffed gorilla or the Flea Circus at Goose Fair. Never, ever watching the girls netball practice at the Manning School or seeing Don Winslow of the Navy or Batman serials at the Windsor on Saturday. Or perhaps wondering what happened to Griffin & Spalding, Sisson & Parker and was it the Kardomah that had the outside fan to waft freshly ground coffee smells down towards "slab square" (the Market Place) as the trolley buses glided by. Was it the No. 39 trolley bus to the Crown on Ilkeston Road(?) and the 56 and 60 buses to Bilborough? Did the lions ever roar outside the Guildall (or was it called the Town Hall) so that you could hear them in Burtons Arcade? Does anyone remember the smells of Players Bonded Warehouse, Shipstones Brewery and the tannery at Trent Bridge; or know whether it's still "black over Bill's mothers"? Or is there no one out there? TJA
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    When I were growing up in Radford, having three brothers it was a case of first down, best dressed ! Never saw the sea until I were 15, and I must admit, it terrified me. Didn't have my first holiday until I was about twenty, courtesy of my future in laws generosity. I did get a couple of long weekend school trips to Ravenstore youth hostel, near Bakewell. Allus said we weren't brought up, we were dragged up. We lived in a slum clearance area, but it never occurred to me we weren't well off, we just got on with it. We were all in the same boat so it didn't matter.
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    I think the upsetting thing for many is the disparity in incomes. It seems like there are many today who are collecting ridiculously high incomes. Even if they get fired for incompetence they collect some kind of golden parachute, which Joe average would never get. He just gets laid off. I suspect most of us here come of a generation when there was still pretty good opportunity. I learned the electrical trade and ended up with my own little business in Canada. Emigration used to be an option and I'm glad I took it, but even many of the countries that once welcomed skilled Europeans don't want them. (That's another hot topic I won't go there) Today there seem to be, astronomical differences between the pay of the CEO and the assembly line worker, assuming he can even get a job. He looks at that and naturally becomes angry. I'm not opposed to good pay and benefits to those who work hard, but I think the feeling has become that some money needs to trickle down from the top a bit more equally.
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    BSM (British School of Motoring) mentioned in the very 1st post in this thread by someone with a fantastic knowledge of Nottingham named only as “the guest” They’ve not even got a post count? Was that his/her real name? Why did they not join? Where are they now? Nottstalgia needs you
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    Still doing the rounds and as popular as ever One of my favourites was this one, covered by many artists over the years Can you believe this jazz standard was written in 1917????
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    Ben, when was the last time you stepped outside your door and didn't bump into an old girl-friend ?
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    I think they were probably on to him with a sleazy story so he came out before it became any worse.
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    I think I have deja vu! Keeps occurring every few months.
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    Not the first we've had. All had remarkably similar interests and attitudes.
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    Get you arse off the sofa & get some fresh air Light Night in Nottingham this weekend.
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    I saw the bithday and thought 'ahh bless' ...
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    Crimbo. It's Christmas!
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    £1400 for a window ? He's having a laugh.
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    All that money and still built like an Ikea kitchen cabinet!
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    If we consider the number of staff, the vehicles, premises and high tech machinery in the postal service I think they do a great job for next to nothing. We have all heard horror stories of lost/late mail but never acknowledge the millions of successful deliveries, often in just a few hours to all but the most far flung places. The fact, as I said earlier, that the postage can be more than the items value is not important, it uses the same facilities and costs to deliver.
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    I did the same as you loppylugs did the day release at PCFE got the EMEU east midlands education union and C and G emmigated to Canada challenged the Journeyman exam for mechanics and passed also studied for industrial millwright which i got a Journey certificate the millwright pay is much better than a motor mechanic still millwrighting today.
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    I'm sad that if I tried skipping now I wouldn't get to the end of the first line!
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    Bridgford Hotel /Civic Centre site Pictures here; https://www.bridgfordhistory.org/photo-gallery/photo-gallery-trent-bridge-midlands-exhibition-centre
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    Hi DJ., thanks for the update. I realised as soon as posted that I were wrong. Celluloid of course was film material. Just couldn't be arsed putting it right, ( I knew somebody would correct me). The 78s were very brittle and could be easily smashed when dropped or whacked, as often seen in films.
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    Bet you've got Chintz curtains as well Carni. Plus a spinning wheel in the kitchen.
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    My mistake Brew, it should have been Loppylugs reply. It were the last line on one of his posts. Please accept my apologies. B.
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    Taking care of that fish tank would raise it again BK. Re. fuses in 13 amp plugs. It seems dangerous to me to bypass that fuse in any way, because in my day the whole ring main system was backed up by a thirty amp fuse or breaker. Not great for lamp cords!
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    Keep it going. Everyone will gradually tune in to your wavelength. I don't think we've ever had anyone like you before
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    Stav, I'm no expert, but it seems to me that any of the following might have happened. Gutters. if they are fitted, may have becoome blocked. Polycarbonate roof panels may have cracked, or their seals may have failed. Seals/mastic between canservatory and 'existing' may have failed. Much of this could have been caused by movement..which might also explain 'sticky' windows and doors, but it might also point to previous lack of maintenance. There are any number of Conservatory Repair/Maintenance Co's out there. Maybe try to find a decent one (by personal recommendation.. not by the 'list of satisfied customers' many trot out.) Get them to inspect it, quote for any repairs etc., and assess whether such cost is worth it to you. I woudn't have one here as the rear of the house faces South and you've discovered what that means in terms of practical use. but on the other hand, there are times of the year when just having the door between house and conservatory open can provide all the heating you need. Good luck with it all.
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    Moon's Garage then Shakespeare St Garage, University Radio stores, a chip shop and newsagent in that row. There's a comprehensive thread on this.
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    This is getting out of hand. Then again, Catfan has put us in the picture, (if you'll pardon the pun).
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    Assuming that's Elmswood Gardens in the foreground then that is Wollaton Hall, 4miles (6.4km new money) in the distance.
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    Bring back the Ford Popular, with wind down windows and wipers that never worked when going uphill. 8hp, side valve engine and starting 'handle. You knew where you were with them, provided you pulled in a layby to let the engine cool down, after about 45mins driving.
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    I've got 5 screws in my right ankle you can have, apparently they are surplus to requirements,but can you hang on until my other bits stop functioning?
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    On the front they're reverting to the earlier look before those entrances were added a few years ago. The extension appears to be verticlal wooden planking, or may be recyled material
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    First time I've seen the plans, at least they're keeping the main building which has a bit of character, wouldn't like to have one of those multi-storey Lego types which seem to be the norm.
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    Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
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    @Trevor Askew I think you are only about a year older than me. MOST of the regular contributors on here are younger than us, but definitely not all. I love the way you describe things btw. Have you looked through other topics on here? There's some interesting reading.... Keep posting.
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    Fogrider the photo is from Triumph Road, it was taken from Lenton Times . Searching through the different editions of it you can find photos and info regarding the station and also the opening of Dunkirk Station. I once found info on a young Ron Spencer, who you will know, he served at both Triumph road and Dunkirk, I tried to find it again to make a copy of it but failed, hope you find Lenton times interesting. You can purchase copies of the Lenton Times as it is still in publication.
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    All the best on your birthday col
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    I reckon most major Cities in the UK have their own version of Hyson Green and it will always be so.........Think our country would be boring if they did'nt. Plus like everywhere there are some great honest hard working people living there,,,amongst all human life,,long may it remain.
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    Music Inn's been there since I were a lad. They've relieved me of loads of my hard-earned over the years.
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    I believe an epigastric hernia rarely involves any loops of bowel protruding through the weakened muscle fibres ... although occasionally it can! This means strangulation is unlikely to happen with an epigastric hernia (as opposed to an inguinal hernia) but obviously a doctor is the best person to advise on each individual case. Surgery isn't always the best option, when all the facts have been carefully considered ...
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    When their shop at the bottom of Derby Road, near the Albert Hall, closed down, it was much missed. I obtained all my sheet music from there, including all the Associated Board theory papers and examination music. I still have two plaster busts of Bach and Beethoven which were given to me as birthday presents when I was at school. Both came from Clements. If they didn't have music in stock, they would order it and within days it was available.
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    It's never stopped Ben.
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    Fortnight is short for fourteen nights.
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    Have you thought of private medicine Brew? A hernia repair is not that expensive.
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    The River Leen flows through and under the area where the Raleigh factories were, so it could've been literally under his feet.
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    Here's a photo of me in the Fary Dell. I'm the good looking muscular one. If you can't see anyone that fits that description, I'm top left.
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    How to cut your gas bill in half: Get a pair of scissors & cut it in two = sorted... I'll get me coat..
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