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    I'm a retired nurse and I'm proud to step up to the plate and join the emergency register of staff.
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    Excellent!! They and many other working folk trying to keep our world going deserve our praise. As I naively aspire to some kind of balance I am thinking that there should be a co-ordinated boo/raspberry/thumbs down for those who spent a decade wantonly slashing the NHS budget for ideological reasons, closing hospitals, A&E units, maternity wards, and walk-in centres . Also for demeaning and belittling overworked junior doctors, scrapping the NHS bursaries meaning new NHS nurses have to rack up tens of thousands in unpayable student debts; reducing over 10,000 NHS hospital beds and selling off £millions in NHS property to unscrupulous private developers.
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    I've been trying several supermarkets to get deliveries as I really don't feel safe doing the shopping. So I spent an hour tonight being ignored by the Asda website and being frustrated by the Morrison's web site. I don't know how they work.. but at the last minute before I gave up, a little '£1' appeared in the last slot on the last day of Morrisons deliveries. I clicked on it and suddenly I had a slot!!! Whoopee!! So.. I made the huge mistake of waking Mrs Col from her slumbers on the couch and asked if she'd like to do the shop. She said yes. (She likes to be in charge of shopping) I made a BIG point of explaining that we needed to check out in a bit under and hour to avoid losing the slot. Did she take notice? No. She sauntered through the shop as if she was actually in a bloody supermarket.. comparing prices.. ummimg and aahhing. All the time I'm saying 'just buy some bloody food!! ..you have less than an hour to checkout or you'll lose the slot!!!" So.. she did her usual trick of digging in and going slower. She seemed incapable of grasping that this is not a normal situation and that we need to get essentials first and then anything else if we have time. Several times I asked her nicely to just check out and pay to secure the order but she STILL kept buggering about. She finally checked out with a minute to spare and we ended up having a huge row about it. Next time I'll just get a slot and do the order myself.. I don't need any more stress. Women and shopping. It's an all day expedition often securing nothing. Men and shopping. We know what we need/want. We go in, we get it, we leave. That simple.
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    Read on another topic how cats rule the world then saw this on another Forum and thought it appropriate to put it on here for Jill and other cat lovers.
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    Oooh you're too kind Cliff ton, here's a more up to date one from last year, I'd use it for my avotar if I knew how! and Yes Margie it was hand coloured, I once compared notes with Chulla over this as we both still have the Kodak tints in book form.
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    That's exactly what I've always thought ! I've found that the older I get, the less I realise exactly how old I am. So far, I've never thought of myself as being old; I'm just older than I used to be.
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    Oh how I wish I could follow Dads favourite saying at this horrible time in history, it was "never worry about things you can't control, as it's a waste of your brain power." I so hate the uncertainty of what is going on at the moment, but by definition I can't do owt about it...
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    A help group is starting up in our village. There are a lot of volunteers already and I see that at least three are/were senior nurses. Good to see the wartime community spirit being revived!
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    Welcome YeOlde. My mother’s family were from the Arnold area. Grandmothers family was Ellis and the family ran Ellis bakers which was where Birds now is. My grandfather was the youngest of 5 having 4 sisters. The family name was Clarke and they were a Daybrook family. My Great grandfather was a van driver, horse drawn of course for Jacobees lace and eventually became head of the stables for the firm living in a company owned house next to the stables. My mother was born over her parents shop on Front Street now a hairdressers. In about 1983 shortly before his death Grandad was staying at my mums for Christmas. I had a new cassette recorder, a Christmas present so I sat and ‘interviewed’ grandad on tape. Now we’re in lockdown I dug the tape out last night and am going to make a start on transcribing it. He talks of his early life in Daybrook and in some detail about his experience in WW1 as a Stokes mortar crew member with the Highland Light Infantry.
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    Would you credit it? It's 70 years ago today when this photo was taken and this b----y virus wont let us celebrate. Commiserations to Burntstump Pub who've also missed out! Damn, Photo's too big and I don't know how to resize it, oh yes photoimage has also packed up ? not my day!
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    Covid 19 - much to ponder, as ever. Lots of hysteria, mostly generated by the media making hay while the sun shines. The government says don't panic, and we head in droves for the supermarkets, who in turn are disingenuous with their support. They say that the government can help by easing drivers hours restrictions and removing the delivery curfews. As one supermarket spokesman said "its like Christmas" I'll bet. The only beneficiaries are their tills. The virus is flu like. Our problem is, no vaccine yet. But we do have, certainly in this country, a lot of facilities for testing and vaccine development. In Nottingham alone there are dozens of individual research labs which are being turned to the virus - in the same way factories changed production during the war. Basic hygiene is common sense, but needs reinforcing for a generation brought up to eat and discard food in the street, for dog walkers who don't clear up their pets mess and the rest of us who have lapsed with taking care with coughing and sneezing. Off on my new acquisition, a Trek Marlin 5. Will mingle when necessary, and now I feel justified in wearing my daughter's Christmas present, a Darth Vader-like face mask - makes me look like an OAP mugger, though. Did notice one item, a Radio 4 interview with a senior medical officer who said that, when the dust had settled, he would hope that the Chinese government would be vigorously pressed to explain why the epicentre of the outbreak occurred close to a military biological research centre. I think the conspiracy theorist will exit the woodwork once again. Hope all of you take care and keep safe
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    I was out on me bike this morning,,,only saw one person,,lady with dog)...we were all on the footpath in the local Park,,,i don't have a Bell'' but always shout ''Ding..Ding..me Bell's broke''......did that this morning,,all to no avail.....so Dismounted,,and giving the the required space of 2 metre's,,wished the lady and Dog good morning''..........Mistake,,bleddy Dog went mad,,Barking snarling and nearly dragging the Lady off her feet....jumped back on me Bike and Pedaled away sharpish. On my way back saw em both again,,,so dismounted again,,,'''Said Good morning'' again to the lady and jokingly said ''he nearly had me dint he?......whilst the Dog made a fuss of me,,it was the lady this time who had a go,,,''yes serves ya right'' she said...........miserable old sod.........lol
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    Hmmm! You are quite correct. A friend of mine that I tune for deals in good secondhand pianos. He has been worried that his business is going into difficulty due to not being able to sell them. He has sold at least two in the last 4 or 5 days. I think people are staying in and looking for something to do.
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    Mrs Col and I are now into full 'Social Distancing' mode. She knows that if the bug gets me.. I could be in deep trouble. That's not a definite.. but I'd rather not test it. We've been pretty much there for a couple of weeks anyway. Unless Govt. plan changes yet again.. that takes us to 1st week in June. I can deal with that so long as we can get bits we need one way or another and it seems Iceland and others are opening early for 'Olds Only' for an hour. Mrs Col seems resigned. I can still go for walks, but due to female issues Mrs C can't walk far from 'facilities'. I've told her we can jump in the car and got to a nice park or similar for a change of scene when necessary. We just need to avoid people. Youngest has been on the phone all day checking what we need and what she can get for us etc. I've told her we are fine. We have all we need for a good few weeks. Meanwhile I know she's panicky herself because she takes after me. However she asked her boss who is London based.. whether she could work from home instead of her Manchester base. Boss said 'Absolutely' 'Get the hell out of there and I'll square it if anybody complains." It's Govt advice anyway. So she's going in to pick up her Laptop and stuff she needs tomorrow.. then working from home. It makes sense as all reduction in movement and contact must be a good thing.. but I do feel for people who are stuck in front line jobs and can't do the same. Quite annoying reading some of the screams on Facebook. "They aren't going to lock me up!!' etc. Nobody is locking anybody up.. but I wish they'd do it to some of the selfish buggers who still insist it's 'just a cold.' Youngest told me she was talking to a clearly upset lady who was stacking shelves in Aldi. She'd been taken off the tills because she'd had a 'stand off' with some pillock who insisted on paying for his stuff with a £20 note he'd just taken out of his mouth. Pig ignorance. You couldn't make it up. Yet meanwhile all sorts of Community groups are setting up to make sure the old and vulnerable are OK. Anything from a bit of shopping to just a phone call and a chat. That's more like it. I'd be happy to deliver stuff so long as I can avoid actual close up contact and there's zero risk in a phone chat.
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    Thanks for the confirmation. This is a close-up and a slightly different angle on Bell Terrace.
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    You're right trogg and here's why: "Soap contains fat-like substances known as amphiphiles, some of which are structurally very similar to the lipids in the virus membrane. The soap molecules “compete” with the lipids in the virus membrane. This is more or less how soap also removes normal dirt from the skin. The soap not only loosens the “glue” between the virus and the skin but also the Velcro-like interactions that hold the proteins, lipids and RNA in the virus together.",,, Pall Thordarson is a professor of chemistry at the University of New South Wales, Basically what she said (if I've understood it properly), is that soap literally makes the virus come unglued and fall apart.
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    In a way, although I don't have any evidence to support it, i think that our modern way of life could be partly responsible for the impact that this virus. Personally I think that we ourselves have reduced our immune system with probably too much hygiene, only a thought!!
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    I judged you as being overly sensitive and I stand by my opinion and my right to voice it. I could have been far more forthright. As for respect, I have it in spades for those who warrant it. You mention bullying and again in my opinion your post is a text book example of passive aggressive bullying reinforced by your use of the veiled threat of litigation. There is something a little hypocritical here whereby you are quite happy to say some of your clients/customers can be labelled eccentric but are outraged and upset if they include grandad...
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    Apart from those that contract the virus and for the many that will die as a result there will be countless thousands (millions?) who will suffer hardship as a result of losing their jobs or having their working hours reduced. Those on casual or zero hours contracts will be the first to be impacted as employers contract and lay off staff particularly in tourism and hospitality and then later in the manufacturing and retail sectors as supplies from China dry up. Already in Australia those looking to rebuild after the devastating fires are facing shortages of materials. The economic dry's have a lot to answer for as have the politicians who have let this country put all its eggs in the basket we call China and we now have little capability or capacity to make stuff ourselves. The economic impact of what is happening will be severe and last for many months
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    I know it's not a Fleetline, but this is one of the vehicles I drove. I believe it is now based at Ruddington transport museum. I would dearly love to see it again and possibly have a sit in it would be amazing.
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    I guess they needed that for those squirrels to dance too. Should have used Bach's Gigue Fugue. How about a bit of Poulenc? When I lived alone for a couple of years after the first Mrs L died I had a young black Lab nemed Solomon. He liked to lay in his bed in the kitchen. There used to be a radio program each afternoon witn a real mix of music. Every so often they'd play some Poulenc while I was making supper. I'd say in an excited tone, "it's Poulenc Sol!" He'd come flying out of his corner, jump up and put his front paws in my hands, and we'd go whirling round the kitchen. Sorry! Irrelavent to the thread, I know, but it brings a tear as I write and was reminded of it. It was quite danceable.
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    I went for a walk this morning. Shirt sleeve order for the first time this year. I didn't stay out long though because the local footpaths are heaving with people. It puzzles me though. They are mostly people who look older than me, so I don't understand why they have suddenly appeared. How do they normally get their exercise? Certainly not on the paths I walk. I don't recognise any of them. Very odd. As I came home I noticed the Rainbows in the wndows of the house opposite, where there are two young kids of similar age to my Grandkids. It's a lovely idea which is not only cheering, but also works to help the kids to accept their enforced isolation froom school friends etc. Spent the afternoon in the garden. Warm enough for 'kit off' mode which was nice, because I've run out of Vit D pills and haven't been doing my customary few minutes a week at the local tanning salon. Obvious reasons. Trimmed all lawn edges. Bit of weeding. Planted out yet more Aquilegia seedlings. I found some old Green Bean and Carrot seeds which I'll plant up later and see how they go. Two chances as they say. Still loads of flower seeds, mostly annuals.. which I can get started. Also plan on a row of spuds just from a few sprouty shop bought spuds. They usually produce a few decent.. or at least edible, spuds. Still plan to start decorating when the weather turns colder again next week. Improved day length and light levels should help. Whatsapp conversation between me and older daughter tonight: She: " We have a hedgehog!!!" Me: " Congratulations!.... that's one meal sorted... " She: " He's a big one too..." Me: " Maybe two meals then?" She: " Not with this lot.. they won't stop eating...."
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    Today we have had a meltdown of the total kind. Herself has been holding it together for the most part and with a little encouragement we have been about our daily business about as normally as possible. She desperately misses her grandson (6yrs old) and the stiff upper lip and resolve to be upbeat did not survive WhatsApp. A tearful little boy looking into the camera saying "I really miss you mama" broke the dam.
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    I was thinking more horse whipped.
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    @Brew enjoy your triip to Derbyshire, too. It's a bit too far for us to attempt anything like that just for a day, so I'll just gaze out of the window at our daffodils, primulae and all the fresh shoots. LoveLy and sunny here. Felt sad for the children in the village going for their last day at school for a while. Some of the year 6 have been crying because it will probably be their last day at Primary School before moving on to Secondary. Apparently, they aren't having the usual goodbye assembly in the hall and they are feeling they're missing out. I do feel so sad for all the children at this time as they try to take in all that's going on. I'm sure many parents will be able to cope with the long 'holiday' from school but there will be others where life will be really difficult for the whole family. In another 50 - 60 years - if the world is still here - there will no doubt be some oldies chatting on nostalgia forums about how they felt in 2020 when they were children..... and all that's happening now globally will be part of the History curriculum!
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    Different sides of human nature: Don’t know how true it is but I have been told that an elderly lady managed to get some eggs in the supermarket, went to get something else and someone took them out her basket. Words fail me. When I was at the supermarket yesterday I saw an elderly lady and someone younger go for a jar of coffee (The last one). Younger person got it then turned to the elderly lady and insisted she take it. Felt she should have got a standing ovation. My hairdresser is opening up on Monday (her day off) so a relative and I can get our hair done with no one else in the shop. It is only a small shop and I didn’t want to be in such close proximity with so many people. Big tip I think.
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    was mick Clifton polish, I think he lived next door but 2, I seemed to remember having a fight with him ,, after the fight we were best mates, if my memory is correct …. Talking about memories ,when I was a lad when women wash their stocking they would put penny in the toe of the stocking and then hang em out to dry,, me and my mates used to go around the back yards armed with a pair of sissors and cut the toe out of the stocking and swipe the penny, We got away with this for about 2-3 weeks ,, but alas one day the women were waiting for us,,,,,Jesus Christ they din,t half make us pay,!!!!!!!! our sodding tabs rang for days after that!!!!! then and I got a cracker of me dad,, we deserved it but we were only about 6 or 7 years old,, its easy money till you get caught. and then there was bon fire night,,,, are well that's another story!!!!!
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    Not Nottingham related but my husband used to go to those kind of boxing nights when we lived in Hertfordshire. After one such event, in 1983, he announced he was going to Boston the next day to see a fight. Naively I asked “Lincolnshire?” No, he said ..... Massachusetts! He joined a couple of hundred Tony Sibson supporters and flew from East Midlands Airport on a specially chartered plane to Boston. Many of them were staying in a Holiday Inn near the airport and they went straight into the bar on arrival. The place ran out of alcohol quickly and this lot, mainly from Sibson’s home town of Leicester, showed their disapproval by wrecking the bar and swimming pool area, throwing anything they could into the pool. The police were called which calmed the situation a little. (As far as I know my husband was just an observer, I do believe him , he was embarrassed to be British that day ......) Anyway, off they went to the fight, Tony Sibson v Marvin Hagler, which Sibson lost. The next morning the hotel and police arranged for a coach to come to the hotel and pick up the unruly mob and they were actually taken straight onto the airport runway and escorted straight onto the waiting plane, no messing about inside the airport building. They wanted rid of them as quickly as possible. That was the last time my husband went to one of those boxing nights!
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    my grandmother used to insist "you eat a cwt of dirt before you die"
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    Surely one of the joys of this forum is the way it drifts and takes diverse directions. It soon comes back to the topic heading so does it matter. I think every thread on here drifts. I’ve recently been told off for quoting now this. The joy is going.
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    Meanwhile back in Nottingham
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    DJ it won't go away it's persistent. . I'm so angry that football matches are still being held. What's more important football or life and death of the population. Also how the hell did Italians manage to get into Liverpool? All flights out of here are cancelled. Maybe they've driven up but what controls are there when they arrive and see a foreign targa. Something's wrong somewhere. We're trying our best to keep this disease under wraps but what is the U.K. doing? I think the government has their heads in sand. Germany only a short, short while ago said " oh we don't have anyone infected" them ....boom ! suddenly they were frightened it would spread and it did. Wake up and take notice because one day in some way someone you know will either be infected or near someone that is infected.It can happen very easily as I can guarantee with my daughter. Her vet , she visited 28 feb is now in a dangerous condition and is on oxygen. Just think about how quickly he infected others and how many they could infect others. I know I've been a bit hasty in writing this post but until you are in the midst of it all you don't realize how it affects your life. Now we had a new decree last that is putting a stop and lockdown on so many other businesses. Restaurants and bars are now closed altogether, we are advised to stay at home and only go out to food shop and collect medication any other outing we must have an auto certification to show why and where we are going. News is showing us various cities that there isn't a soul around. We are desperately hoping that this lockdown will work as it has worked in China. Listen to what your government tells you to do hoping that they get their heads around the correct way and realize that it won't go away.
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    Perhaps English, more particularly Nottingham, opinions may be different if they were closer to an area with a severe outbreak of this menace. I live 21Km (15 miles) from the Northern Italian border whilst nonnaB is in the midst of it.
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    Absolutely ditto. There are some people who like to have something to worry about. This is a heaven-sent scenario for them.
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    And spread it to others who in turn will spread in on. "That's the way to do it" Good luck to you and your reprobates. CV is NOT a load of " what ever you say" Personally I don't use that sort of language. But I see it's spreading rapidly in UK. So keep "wrapped up" and stay indoors. Remember CV isn't particular who gets it, it's not selective.
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    I guess this is the one in question. https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/15580-a-few-random-photos-2/?tab=comments#comment-476971
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    You're on a roll, Lizzie!
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    @sue B 48 you are one of the 'not so elderly'.
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    I sympathise, three of my family are sole traders, and the outlook for them at the moment is a bit bleak.
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    In our neighbourhood there are dozens of houses with teddy bears in the windows, us included, we’ve got 3 including 70 year old Ted. A neighbour with young children has paintings of rainbows as well. This gives families something to search for when out for their daily constitution. It’s a lovely idea.
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    I don't believe the Chinese created a weaponised virus at all. If they did it would not need an animal intermediary and would go straight for the target. The accidental release into the wild of an experimental virus I can believe. The Americans releasing one? nah not even Trump is that stupid. It's rubbish beside the fact they would have a vaccine for their own people, if it was true, before they released it. The Italian story I don't know, it's so new no one recognised it for quite some time so it may well have been around for a lot longer than we know about. What I wonder about is why are Italy and Iran suffering more than others? What is it with those two countries that is different to the rest of the world and makes them more susceptible?
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    Are you sure he's NOT a cat?
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    DJ 360 My brother in law is a dentist where he employs 11 people between hygienists receptionist nurses etc and they all wear masks and have always done so. In close proximity it makes sense.
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    Stuart C Thanks for your response but I still think schools should be closed. I see that Boris has changed his tune in a couple of things as regards pubs and public places. I don't think people are realizing how quickly this virus is spreading. The truth about it being in Italy before Christmas could or could not be true , the problem is that most of the cases were diagnosed as flu, so,who knows. People are now saying they had covid19 symptoms long before Christmas when they were or had returned from their holiday. We got it from a Chinese couple who have recently recovered and been released from hospital. I realize parents have to take their children to school and look after smaller ones and it isn't a problem but what if the parent contracts the virus and passes it on to her child? It's a difficult decision and an even more extreme situation. Here I suppose we are lucky to have a government that is helping parents with baby sitters etc by paying them ..British people are sociable like the Italians and to congregate in a pub, club or whatever usually means lots of people together, I hope the locals decide to drink at home. But I think that total closure will come eventually. I hope I'm wrong and that U.K. evades this problem. Today we have an increase of 3009 cases, making a total of 23,000+. No wonder we are careful and worried.
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    Don't think anyone's asking you to panic Brew. Surely the key point with hand cleaning is not to touch your mouth nose or eyes unless you are sure your hands are clean. This for your own protection an to avois passing on to others via the contact route. This takes some doing if, for e.g. you are driving and have an itchy nose. BUT the point is that if you've been out there are any number of things you are likely to have touched which might be contaminated. Cash/parking ticket and other machines. door handles, rails, goods in shops etc..ad infinitum. My approach is to clean my hands with gel before getting back into the car. Alternatively to thoroughly clean hands (and purchases) with a slightly bleachy cloth and to do the same to touched surfaces in car and work back into house. It literally takes a couple of minutes. Evidence seems to show that the virus can survive for up to 72 hours on metal and plastics, several hours on cardboard and fabrics. These days packages are often despatched in plastic bags, for e.g., so I'll be taking care. I can't guarantee I won't get CV, but if it does get me, at least I'll know I did my best to prevent it.
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    If you really want hand sanitiser, just head to the nearest Polish shop and buy some Spirytus. 100% proof vodka that kills all known germs, but whatever you do, don’t drink it neat or you’ll go blind. Alternatively, just use soap and water.
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    Ok. In reply to all. A typo on my part. it was indeed Madrid fans. And it is true that Madrid has reported 700+ cases of CV. There was local TV discussion about it last night, with local fans saying, in effect 'we're at the other side of the ground well away from them'. Also no doubt true that a fair few will be living in the UK anyway.. (poor sods.) but those who did travel from the Madrid area no doubt mostly flew in.. and we all know what aircraft cabins are like. Add in that fans traditionally tend to visit local places of interest before the match. Such as Cavern Club, assorted pubs, Docklands attractions etc., etc...etc., etc. Work it out for yourselves.
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    Been booked a while jonab and not been advised not to go. Who knows, in the next few days we may not be allowed to leave the country but meanwhile I am looking forward to some warm sunshine.
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    Not advisable DJ. Too much worry could put you in an early grave .........
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    There were three schools at the bottom of Sunninghill, Greencroft Infants, Brinkhill Juniors and Greencroft Juniors. I went to all three.
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