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  1. Let it roll for more of Joan and Mimi. Beautiful and talented sisters. RIP Mimi.
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  2. An' I worked in Bestwood colliery, in the lower seam to my older brother, God rest him.. I remember on one afternoon shift, after coming out the baths, I saw a mate of my brother. He said, quite nonchalantly, "Don't bother waiting for your youth ! He got buried down pit". He neglected to tell me that my brother had been brought out and taken to hospital.
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  3. Very moving.......felt for the mining families when it all came to an end.........so sad.........not that i would ever have considered working down the Pit.........many of my old mates spent their working lives in the Mines...........I was asked on leaving school by the ''Jobs Officer'' which Pit was i going down...?...TOLD HIM....
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