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  1. Locarno Must have missed you Ben, Tues night at Locarno it used to cost 1/3 coke tanner 6d and i think it shut at 9 30. Girls you mention the net under skirts, in between mini's and pencil skirts, under skirts were made of paper nylon then net was used as full short skirts were in fashion , it took about3yds of net to make an under skirt. the skirt was made in 6inch layer's when joined on to the next layer it was gathed. So the more gather's the fuller the skirt. ( Locarno ) Old Vic This man who was on the balcony in the old vic was thowing peanuts at a l
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  2. I know Kath...i'd be wearing em down Locarno tuesday night if it still existed....... Dance Duck? Oh yes please..love the 'Winkles'' Want a coke? goo on then....... How about a Parkie..up on the Balcony? Anyway..whats yer name and where ja live? Jackie.....up Canning Circus........ Walk you home? No..me boyfriend Sam's meeting me outside and he gets 'Dead Jealous... OK ..don;t want to fight tonight.....might ruin me 'Winkles'' See ya next Tuesday? i'll put some different 'Treads' on....Just in case Sam shows up We'
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