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    Excellent!! They and many other working folk trying to keep our world going deserve our praise. As I naively aspire to some kind of balance I am thinking that there should be a co-ordinated boo/raspberry/thumbs down for those who spent a decade wantonly slashing the NHS budget for ideological reasons, closing hospitals, A&E units, maternity wards, and walk-in centres . Also for demeaning and belittling overworked junior doctors, scrapping the NHS bursaries meaning new NHS nurses have to rack up tens of thousands in unpayable student debts; reducing over 10,000 NHS hospital beds and selling off £millions in NHS property to unscrupulous private developers.
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    Before the Corona virus came along, there were already many of us Nottstalgians who owed our being alive to the NHS. I am one of them. I have always been indebted to them and my appreciation and admiration is boundless. God Bless The NHS. I have just received a phone call to say the light in the sky is 'The International Space Station'. I prefer 'Guardian Angel xx
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    And thanks to Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the internet. It's resulted in people being able to talk to others anywhere in the world for reassurance and advice and hope. If this outbreak had happened 25 years ago, there would be a lot of people feeling rather cut off, left out and not connected with anyone anywhere. Yes, there's fake news and malicious rumour, but at a time like this digital communications have been a big help.
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    I’m wishing I could wake up from this bad dream, see my kids and grandkids again, go shopping without worry, make use of my bus pass, got to the local, go out for dinner, not have Coronavirus the main topic every time we turn the tv or radio on. Now they’re telling us it could go on for several months and then re-emerge, and then keep coming back in the future. To say I’m fed up is an understatement.
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    Would you believe that after a few days of fairly high temperature for this time of year it is now SNOWING. It's not settling but everywhere is wet. Hope it turns to rain as we need it desperately. Hope it will keep people at home home. Stay safe
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    I was going to put this on the Joke page until I realised it isn't a joke its a fact. Remember keep smiling and stay safe.
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    Dear old Dalai Chulla! I do miss pulling his leg. The saffron-robed one will no doubt be observing the antics of Bulwellians and others, shaking his head, smiling and thinking how fortunate he is to be somewhere a bit more sensible. Enjoy your Tibetan tonic water, Chulla. Don't forget to spin a few prayer wheels for those of us in this crazy plane of existence!
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    I'm a retired nurse and I'm proud to step up to the plate and join the emergency register of staff.
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    Hmmm! You are quite correct. A friend of mine that I tune for deals in good secondhand pianos. He has been worried that his business is going into difficulty due to not being able to sell them. He has sold at least two in the last 4 or 5 days. I think people are staying in and looking for something to do.
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    Oh how I wish I could follow Dads favourite saying at this horrible time in history, it was "never worry about things you can't control, as it's a waste of your brain power." I so hate the uncertainty of what is going on at the moment, but by definition I can't do owt about it...
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    Photos of deserted Nottingham City Centre https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/gallery/25-pictures-show-deserted-nottingham-3991897
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    Ok, Ok and now for something completely different!!!!.....
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    All our village seemed to come out to cheer, ring bells, honk car horns and clap this evening. It was such a great feeling to support the key workers, many of whom we know. It was very emotional and I had a little cry. There is so much good coming out of this .....
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    I went for a walk this morning. Shirt sleeve order for the first time this year. I didn't stay out long though because the local footpaths are heaving with people. It puzzles me though. They are mostly people who look older than me, so I don't understand why they have suddenly appeared. How do they normally get their exercise? Certainly not on the paths I walk. I don't recognise any of them. Very odd. As I came home I noticed the Rainbows in the wndows of the house opposite, where there are two young kids of similar age to my Grandkids. It's a lovely idea which is not only cheering, but also works to help the kids to accept their enforced isolation froom school friends etc. Spent the afternoon in the garden. Warm enough for 'kit off' mode which was nice, because I've run out of Vit D pills and haven't been doing my customary few minutes a week at the local tanning salon. Obvious reasons. Trimmed all lawn edges. Bit of weeding. Planted out yet more Aquilegia seedlings. I found some old Green Bean and Carrot seeds which I'll plant up later and see how they go. Two chances as they say. Still loads of flower seeds, mostly annuals.. which I can get started. Also plan on a row of spuds just from a few sprouty shop bought spuds. They usually produce a few decent.. or at least edible, spuds. Still plan to start decorating when the weather turns colder again next week. Improved day length and light levels should help. Whatsapp conversation between me and older daughter tonight: She: " We have a hedgehog!!!" Me: " Congratulations!.... that's one meal sorted... " She: " He's a big one too..." Me: " Maybe two meals then?" She: " Not with this lot.. they won't stop eating...."
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    @mercurydancer I agree he looks worn out. I've never voted Conservative and never much liked Boris, but I think he's done well as a front man during this crisis.
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    Also the last PMQS for Corbyn as a life long Labour voter, I'd like to say thank fcuk for that, I'd to see Keir Starmer running the gaff.
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    My partner has done some shopping today - Lidl at Clifton. Guy on the door making customers queue at a distance, and letting them in when some come out. Maximum of 20 inside at any one time. They have obviously taken their lead from HQ at Neckarsulm. Lets hope the big boys follow suit.
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    I think considered medical opinion is that masks do next to nothing with regard to protecting you and may lure you into a false sense of security. If you happen to enter an area where an infected person has recently coughed (hence into airbourne particles before they settle onto surfaces), chances are that they will get into your system via your eyes (a mucus membrane). On the other hand, if you are infected, a mask might stop you spreading it around when you cough. However, a tissue over the mouth would probably be as good if not better at catching the particles. You'd need an expensive setup to have a high degree of protection, something approaching a firefighter's BA set. We just need to keep away from each other. Not sure quite how that works at the supermarket when several folk all want that last bag of rice though!
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    He didn’t actually take the gun out! They didn’t actually give him their shopping! It’s a joke. You’ll be saying the Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman shouldn’t have been together because they clearly weren’t social distancing. Oh, why bother!
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    See if you can persuade him to nick you a couple of bog rolls, lil' sis.
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    Staying indoors does give you an appetite or is it that we haven't much to do and we eat.
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    Had a tearful call to my wife in Russia, she went home and got stranded. She desperately wants to get back to England but there are no flights. She is now suffering from the virus. To nonna and jonahb and all friends on this site, keep in touch, it is important. Stay safe. I still ent ded
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    I've just been out for a walkabout (not too close to anyone) and the biggest problem I encountered was that it was much warmer than I expected. Overdressed for the occasion.
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    I think at the moment all the normal rules of everything are suspended
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    We came out with new measures of working just yesterday keep two metres away from each other while 120 of us all stood in a huddle listening to the union rep & manager, think they where holding hands? No more van sharing & now you have to wash yours hands, but no soap or toilet paper left or replaced because the cleaner self isolating, out on foot for 16 miles & 5 hours with any places you used piss now shut, bring out your dead
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    If they don't maybe these will... https://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/prescriptions/electronic-prescription-service-nhs May be of use to you and it's free...
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    I'd agree with Brew that it is conceivable that something 'escaped' from some facility. That might, for instance explain the rather odd response by the Chinese Authorities to the 'whistle blowing' of the poor Opthalmologist who died. Favourite for me though is the 'species jumping' which is known to occur when species which normally wouldn't be in close proximity, are crowded together in 'wet' markets. I believe this was identified as the cause of SARS, whereas MERS has been traced to Camels. I've not enquired of my local pharmacy yet and my next repeat is not due for a week or so. It occurs to me that having a succession of people following each other into a smallish space is not good for either the individual or the staff, as any virus exhaled will hang about for at least a few minutes inside. I think it might be better if people identified themselves at the door and staff brought out the prescriptions and placed them into a basket outside the door.
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    It's a difficult one as I have a perfect storm of both our cars needing MOT very soon. I'd like to keep one legal so as to avoid the necessity for public transport of any kind should an unavoidable journey crop up. (I stiil have two 'grumbling' teeth for e.g.) Bear in mind I've not been within 6 feet of anyone, or inside any other building but my house, since 6th March. I think I 'get' social distancing. My car is due an MOT. 26th April and Tax 1st May. I will need a new tyre before that. It seems that 'garages' are still allowed to open. I already spoke to a local tyre fitters yesterday. They understood my predicament. (Age/Health) and agreed that the best way in principle would be for me to take just the wheel to them.. in wife's car. Stay clear while they fit tyre, then pay by phone debit and bring wheel home. However, my latest thinking is wait till 27th March, drive my car there by appointment and get tyre and MOT all done while I stay out of their way. Ask them to leave car with all windows open after done. Give car a good while to 'ventilate' then drive it home and clean all controls etc, touched by MOT staff. That way I'd be able to tax it and keep one vehicle running for emergencies/food shopping. We can always SORN Mrs Mull's 'shed'. Or I could just forget driving for the duration.. but that might put us at risk on public transport if we HAD to go somewhere. Hard call. On the other hand.. if Govt give an MOT amnesty for a few months the problem is solved.
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    In our neighbourhood there are dozens of houses with teddy bears in the windows, us included, we’ve got 3 including 70 year old Ted. A neighbour with young children has paintings of rainbows as well. This gives families something to search for when out for their daily constitution. It’s a lovely idea.
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    Actually I don't think so. They already have online sales of 'special buys' so extending to the rest of the products is not that difficult. No need for a delivery fleet simply forward orders to the local shop and they organise delivery. Each shop will not need to serve customers so will have plenty of space and staff for order assembly, become a small warehouse in effect... Sitting here, under Manchester flight, path two planes have just passed overhead so some airlines are still going...
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    I don't believe the Chinese created a weaponised virus at all. If they did it would not need an animal intermediary and would go straight for the target. The accidental release into the wild of an experimental virus I can believe. The Americans releasing one? nah not even Trump is that stupid. It's rubbish beside the fact they would have a vaccine for their own people, if it was true, before they released it. The Italian story I don't know, it's so new no one recognised it for quite some time so it may well have been around for a lot longer than we know about. What I wonder about is why are Italy and Iran suffering more than others? What is it with those two countries that is different to the rest of the world and makes them more susceptible?
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    This is only hypothetical. I appreciate it's difficult arranging a home delivery however nothing says you can't order from multiple sources. Timed deliveries would end, they're too restrictive and customer are not going to be out so will not miss the delivery. Homebargains/ Poundland would be like any other food shop - closed and delivery of food only. Shops, like your chemist, who do not offer deliveries would be made to do so, or close. No vans? with the travel restrictions in place there will be hundreds of taxis doing nothing. Hard line here on your MOT mate. Unless you are an essential and need it for work why do you need a car? Remember under my scenario you would not be going anywhere so garages, including Halfords and Kwik Fit etc would be closed My point is it has to be hard line, there would be no choice. People have shown they will not follow advice and much as I am loathe to say it they would have to be forced into compliance
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    Thing is, who created it? or who released it? Was it some scheme that backfired, that's what I'd like to know.
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    Didn't have any choice. We're stuck indoors, down here in Lewes Leper colony. Just waiting for our orange boiler suits with numbers on.
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    Bloody foreigners get everywhere. Thanks for owning up Loppy ! Good on yer mate.
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    Its largely a military term, badgers are tough creatures so their bums are even rougher! On a side note, I work at a country hotel and one of my duties in a morning is to check on things. When its a dark morning I often see badgers and they are not afraid of anything. I'm still not well, but will be OK. I hope. The wife is panicking though. She has had to to back to Russia and cannot get back to UK for the foreseeable future. Its really hard being without her.
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    Mercury Dancer you say this pandemic is serious. Yes it is very serious and a pity the governments of all these countries didn't take any notice at first and were slow to come to terms with it. But when will everyone realize the seriousness of it. For every group not distancing don't they realize that a person may die. We are losing too many medical staff to the stupidity of some. Our health system is at its limit and are opening new beds wherever they can to cope. The latest one is a hotel that's opened its doors to accommodate hospital beds, but the staff is so short handed. Stay safe everyone
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    Had the two pigeon eggs fried on a slice of fresh bagette for lunch. Hope the cats bring in a few more this evening. Out on the garden all day and watching our 2 great grandchildren on the trampolene in the sunshine - brilliant
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    I'm sure Bailey would never dream of doing anything like that. He's a good boy. I'm so glad you adopted him. Bet he is, too!
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    So does my rotten Beagle if he gets half a chance. . Have to watch him at night. Leave a bathroom door open and he'll go and pull Kleenex out of the trash. Gross! I'm afraid he'll get plugged up one of these days. He's his own worst enemy.
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    Sergei loves loo and kitchen rolls, as do many of the other Moggies but you wouldn't find the rolls of much use when their claws had finished with them!
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    Lovely sentiments, Catfan, Ian and the rest.
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    Poohbear, How are you getting food and other supplies as you should be staying at home all the time? Are you ordering from online supermarkets? We have a doorstep milk delivery which also delivers milk, eggs, yoghurts, cheese, butter and bread. Is there anything like that where you live? Stay safe x
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    We have used Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Ocado for home deliveries for over three years and prefer Tesco - I suppose it's because I've used that more than the others and am familiar with their website for ordering. I always go to 'favourites' as it's much quicker than scrolling through everything. The first time you order takes a bit of time but subsequent orders are much quicker. If you are ordering at a busy time of day, it takes much longer... We usually use 'click and collect' but that's no longer an option for us as we're staying home now On a brighter note, our village pub is now doing a really good takeaway menu and one of our sons has ordered a roast dinner for both of us for Mother's Day. He will bring it round at 12.30 and will hand it over on the doorstep. I think I'll have a couple of trays ready for him to put them straight on to.
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    I've never used home delivery but I believe amongst everything else it's an area being looked at now. So even though the delivery times look long it may change soon. Don't be surprised if an armoured personnel carrier turns up at your door with a bag of groceries. Sainsbury and presumably the others are looking at recording who the vunerable are and possibly going to priority delivery for those.
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    Thinking of you both, Den. Hope Margaret's symptoms will turn out to be innocent xx
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    Oooh you're too kind Cliff ton, here's a more up to date one from last year, I'd use it for my avotar if I knew how! and Yes Margie it was hand coloured, I once compared notes with Chulla over this as we both still have the Kodak tints in book form.
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    Today we have had a meltdown of the total kind. Herself has been holding it together for the most part and with a little encouragement we have been about our daily business about as normally as possible. She desperately misses her grandson (6yrs old) and the stiff upper lip and resolve to be upbeat did not survive WhatsApp. A tearful little boy looking into the camera saying "I really miss you mama" broke the dam.
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    I remember on Tingha and Tucker there was a sign made by members, you put your fore finger along your nose towards your forehead, and bowed your head. I am a mine of useless information!
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