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  1. And then there was that metal play equipment! No softball under it - just asphalt or concrete. We used to climb over it without thinking.
  2. DavidW - the Gold Coast is sublime. Better in Winter due to humidity in summer. Winter temps in the low 20's - ideal for all outdoor activities.
  3. Hi Oztalgian. We are in Montmorency. I did a bit of contract work in Adelaide after retirement. Lovely place. Hi Radio Pete. I am not sure how the reply function works on this site - got me a bit confused! My name is Martin. Oscar Shrive was my great uncle and brother to my nan: Daisy Shrive. I gather Shrive was shortened from Shriver (German?) We used to visit Uncle Oscar in his shop.
  4. Teesdale was Head - wooden leg? Gave me the cane for strewing stones. Mrs williamson - last class of primary school - lots of creative writing, basket weaving, clay poe=ttery - I remember the heads some blew up in the kiln. Miss King - hit me on the hand with the side of the ruler. Was she the one that collected the milk caps?
  5. Hi. My name is Martin. i attended HM from 1965. I remember Arsey Bottoms, Labby, Miniman, Hitch, Piggy, Jed Strutt, Froggy, Pablo and many others. Never got bullied by other students, but the old, WW2 damaged staff were another proposition. I saw students thumped, kicked and hit with various objects.
  6. I used to make Nitrogen tri-iodide too. We also mixed sodium chlorate and sugar with water, soaked the board run]bber, dried it out and put match heads in. Also made rockets from cloth with dried sodium chlorate and made flares which we set off in the air raid shelters - we had keys we made after pinching that deaf caretakers' set.
  7. Hadwin - Biology, Zoology, Botany. Kept dead fish in the death tank for dissection.
  8. Hi I’m Martin (Marty). I live in Melbourne Oz. I was born in Carlton. Grew up in Mapperley. Went to Mapperley Plains Primary and Henry Mellish (smelly Henry). Lived in Arnold before emigrating to Australia in 1978. love to visit (pre COVID) and soak up the accent. Some people are “proper gobby “.
  9. Hi Radio Pete. my name is Martin Winfield. My Nan was Daisy Revitt née Shrive (Oscars sister). We used to visit Uncle Oscar at his shop. I caught the 31 and later 50 bus and saw him doing the Ronnie Barker outside his shop. He was robbed and bashed once too many times and gave up the shop. My mum told me that he was a great dance champ!