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  1. I went to school with Colin Parker His Dad ran the Tobacconists on Clifton Estate. It was his uncle that ran the cafe and had a house alongside it. The bungalow that was further back near the flyover was occupied by Colin’s family. I used to go there many times as we were friends and had a mutual obsession with the Beatles music. The cafe featured in the 2nd series of Auf Weidersein Pet and the Brummie Arsonist is filmed having a cuppa before scrounging a lift from a lorry driverand on their fan site there’s a couple of videos of it being demolished. Colins family were bought
  2. Morning Rog At Fairham 65 to 74. I remember the pits . I had a swing in my back garden (Colleymoor Leys Lane) where I spent much of my time daydreaming on. If I swung high enough I could see the colliery towers and the wheels at the top turning. Later I saw them dismantled and then the huge block of flats were built. I had a job collecting newspapers money for the local paper shop Fourbouys every Sunday there. 21 stories ! And the lifts were either never working or were so disgusting ( Number 2’s done) Its surprising that there are not many stories or memories about comp. Possibly
  3. Thanks Jill. I have loads of memories of Comp. I particularly remember that the school went co-Ed in 74 .. the year after I left. I was heartbroken! I was saddened to see on YouTube videos of the school demolished. I had a cherished ambition to stand on the 2nd bridge that ran between small and large L blocks . It was out of bounds and never used My tutor set Fg was in the classroom in the small L block that had a glass door that opened on to it but it was always locked. I missed out on all the reunions as I was living out of the area. Had I have gone I would certainly have made a determ
  4. I was at Fairham from 65 to 73. Fleming house. If you do the maths and notice I was there 8 years. When my fifth year spectacularly failed en masse to achieve the five O levels required to go on to take A levels. 40 plus of us were held back a year and a form 6X was created. We then re-sat our previously failed O levels we all did well and even acquired extra subjects as our timetable had large gaps left by not having to take the subjects we already had O levels in. At the end of it many of us ended up with 9 and 10 O levels, which by today’s standards is pretty normal . Mr Thom call