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  1. Perhaps you could email me please. Thanks.
  2. No problem. Ilona, I believe her friends called her Noni.
  3. There is much sadness in life and we all find our own ways of dealing with it. Mine was to hide from it or lock it away. I am at peace with it now but need answers. I still shed a tear from time to time imagining and knowing what I lost. It was the first of 2 heartbreaks. My dad died 2 years later from cancer. I get strength from within somehow and I am lucky to have 3 fabulous children. Talking about my life story helps me come to terms with it all. From great sadness to immense joy with my family. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. David x
  4. Hi Andy. Thank you so much. I am her son. After 40 years of keeping it out of my head I have decided for the sake of my children and grandchildren to investigate the whole situation to it's fullist extent. I was 17 at the time and although she had left my father and me I was absolutely broken by the news and unable to understand it. Which school did she / they work at? If you have any other information which you think could be useful then please please post it or contact me on reestransport@gmail.com. Thanks again. David Rees
  5. Hi. Does anyone remember a murder suicide in the early 80's where a school teacher killed his wife / partner with a gun and then shot himself? I believe they lived or worked in the Arnold area? Any info gratefully received.