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  1. I worked at Laskys on Saturdays for a while and just thought about Luke Weiss as a story about Broadmarsh Center in the New York Times made me think about Notts.  I was there in 1975 and part of 1976.   We used to go to a pub across the way early for toasted sandwiches and beer early.   Luke was a real character.  He loaned his MG to Graham quite often.   Fun to think back.  Many names on your list took me back. Hank was a good mate.  Blasting music from upstairs to sell speakers for their bass.   

  2. I was at the Becket in the early 1970s.
    Engineer and others  above got it pretty much right.

    Some adds and a few repeats: 

    Mr. Harrington, Physics and a much younger Physics teacher whose name eludes me -- Mr. Moore?

    Fr. Aquinas wasn't the partially deaf Bio teacher it was another man... his name escapes me but he was bald, tall and I remember a nickname "Shiner" -- Mr. Mollison?

    Vic Taylor for history -- he left and went to Christ the King comp.

    Mr Rayner (short term) for history.

    Ken Fearon for Greek (and chess)

    Mick Turney for Latin

    Brian Quinn for Latin

    Mr Coxon for Latin -- 

    John "the stick" Stanley with his house points for neat notes on the musical stave.  He had a name for the stick.  Corporal punisher.

    Junky Bill for English -- he made me read The Hobbit as a punishment instead of detention.

    Pete Ford for Geography -- a brutal corporal punisher who humiliated and beat kids w a shoe and who played winger for a non-league footie team.  He and Maddox went to Loughborough and both wore their purple tracksuits to work.  Geography upstairs near the Green Hut.
    Mr Jacques -- nickname "Pick" for French and Faulkner for upper years in French.

    Mr Woodhall for History (nickname Joe 90 -- always had his brief case)

    Dave Flatt for chemistry (after Joe Carberry retired -- I had him first... he was proud of his role in the chem lab w Rutherford, complete w photo in the lab... pen, pencil, ruler, excercise book, jotter.. no horseplay!)

    Another chem teacher -- just can't get his name but he was younger and a barrel chested guy.

    I remember Horse as someone who caned kids (had a red light/green light outside of his office, you waited and then went in to get whacked) -- redeemed perhaps by his work w homelessness after the Becket.  How many did you get? was the question when you got back to class.

    Douglas used his hands to punish.  He was also the first aid person.
    Dead right on Heather Ackford for Bio.

    Tom Chamberlin for Art in that weird house near the BI/Physics labs.

    Mr. Rodgers for mathematics -- I think his first name might have been Neville.

    George Koch for mathematics (he came to visit me in the hospital when I had an operation) -- also chess club guy.  

    Also for maths a younger guy from Oxford who wore a corduroy jacket made by his wife... just can't get his name...

    Fr Gregory -- another corporal punisher who hit kids on the head pretty regularly during XD classes.

    Left the school -- maybe w the French teacher noted above.


    One crystal clear  Becket memory:  some kid (whose name I won't say) got about a pound of sodium from one of the labs and threw it over the wall into the Trent -- boom, water thrown high up in the air.


    Another:  The staff had a basketball team called the something  Pedagogues.


    Another:  Plays in Latin... 


    That's enough for this trip down memory lane.... I've got to get back to work.






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