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  1. Doris Davys was the next door neighbour and all her family, Christine, Muriel, Jack, Trevor and Andrew. I knew it was a teacher who suggested to Su that she could make it as an actor. Mrs. Salivansky must have been very proud as she saw Su's career blossom the way it did! I'm going to see her in October, she's doing a one woman show called Birdy. Jean is fine and living in Sawley, she's married to Tony who works in Dubai and gets out to see him as often as she can. She had a nasty fall down her wooden stairs a few years ago and had serious head injuries, she was rushed to hospital
  2. I didn't realise that Julie went with Su to the Co-operative Arts Theatre. Went there a few times, with other family members, to watch her when she was starting to make her mark in acting. I used to live on Grundy Street and the next door lady gave Su singing lessons in the front room. At that time I was revising for exams in our front room and all I could hear was Su going up and down the scales for about two hours! She obviously learned quite a bit because she can certainly belt a song out! There was great excitement in the family when she landed the part in Desert Song and her move to Londo
  3. I remember Julie, she was friends with my cousin Su Pollard. Like Su I think she went to Peveril School but I didn't really know her personally. I think you lived close to Josephine Jordan didn't you? That part of Bobber's Mill Road was great, I remember a gang of us used to have one metal roller skate each with a piece of floor boarding across it, sit on it and fly down past your house on the pavement and round the corner at the bottom. You wouldn't like to try it today with the amount of traffic on the road. It was also the place we used to wait for the Shipstone's horses pulling the wagons
  4. Yes I am, lived there for 25 years and left in 1973, also went to Berridge Infant and Junior School. The was a Julie Sparrow who lived on Bobbers Mill Road in those days.
  5. Yes I certainly remember the Vernon's Store on the corner of Denman Street and Radford Boulevard. Between 1964 and 1965 I was the delivery boy taking people's shopping to their homes on a grocery bike. Thursday and Friday nights after school and all day Saturday, I loved it! I remember the Irish store manager "Paddy" (can't remember his surname), his assistant Mr. Strange who cut and packed fresh butter and lard, he also used to weigh out 2lb bags of sugar. The girl who worked on the till Pauline. I rode all over Radford and Lenton and other surrounding areas. Compared to today's giant stores