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  1. Don't be sorry Mary. You did what you thought was best
  2. I think I'd have asked her what evidence she had or what she'd seen or anything her daughter had said or done or any physical signs and then told her to report it to the police. You were in a very difficult situation, Mary
  3. Oh Mary, I'm sorry you had to go through that -it must have been really scary. He deserved that kick
  4. SG. You're not paranoid. Your list was spot on, and, I think, a significant proportion of women have had to know those things from being a young teenager and it's just been accepted that women have to change their behaviour for their own safety. A curfew for all men would be ridiculous, but it's been going on for so long, something has to change
  5. BK. I don't know why anyone would want to listen to any of his views
  6. I'm even later, but Happy (belated) Birthday Margie
  7. 85721. Used mainly by my Mum at Bracebridge Drive Co-op
  8. BK. The 56 was my bus as well, but mainly in the late 60's and into the late 70's - perhaps you were elsewhere by then
  9. Have ordered online a few times, but only from Sainsbury's who always seem to have available slots. Our "essential" wine orders have always been from Majestic, who are good quality with a wide range
  10. I don't eat meat and have never understood why people like me would want to eat something that looks like meat - I just don't see the appeal
  11. I'm not related, but if the problem is not being able to find her birth or entries in the census 1851 onwards, do you have the marriage cert to Oscar, which should give her father's name, unless illegitimate
  12. Yes, Alan, he was a nice man and a good teacher. I always thought of him as quite ancient, but when I was say 14, he was only late 30's!
  13. There's a Death Notice in the local paper today for Cyril Jacob "former teacher of English at Bilborough College" He died on 28/1/21, aged 88
  14. SG. I'm so sad to hear your news. It was obvious that you loved him very much and he loved you
  15. The only one I haven't heard of is gorra bag on. My Mum and Dad often said most of the others on the list
  16. Thanks BK. I was only a child in the 60's, so don't remember the number, but have just looked it up and it was number 127. I know one of her neighbours was the Stanfield family
  17. Beekay Hope I haven't asked you this before, but my Aunt, Violet Charles, lived on Kennington Road in the 60's and possibly earlier, but can't remember what number. She had 2 sons and one of them might have been around your age - Raymond Charles. I wonder if you remember them?
  18. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum, Gem. Take care
  19. Lynn H I was in the year above you at Bilborough Grammar and went to Moor Farm quite often - the only place I was kicked out from for being underage!
  20. CT Eleanor's father died in 1940, when he was living at 14 Vivian Avenue. The 1939 Register definitely says Pelham Road, but the next entry but one in the Register after Hamilton House is 10 Vivian Avenue, followed by 8, 6, 4, so could they have actually lived in Vivian Avenue?
  21. I don't know about fun, but certainly more interesting than her previous occupation!