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  1. You really need to get your Dad's birth certificate to confirm his parents names and his mothers maiden name. There's no obvious marriage for a Clements to a Rowlands on FreeBMD. Did he have any brothers and sisters - what were their names and were they older or younger? The 1911 census is already available here, but you have to pay to view.
  2. Chooky flesh Goosepimples It's like Jackie Pownalls in 'ere The room's rather untidy Like chapel 'at pegs Prominent nipples Shift yer carcass Could you move, please? Mind yer back, yer belly's in danger Ditto Mazzeewatter Weak tea
  3. Perhaps her family are connected to mine in some way then - the Higgins of Radford! What was her Dads name?
  4. Thanks mb. My Dad was also at the school (he was born 1922). I 'll ring the school,and ask for a copy.
  5. No, my Dad was in Quality Control. I'll ask my brother if he remembers you!
  6. Alan Rose came from West Bridgford. Do you remember my Dad, Ted Hurst? I have an idea that my brother was in charge of accounts at NAAFI. His first wife worked there too - Valerie Allen.
  7. I didn't work at Elastic Yarns myself - well apart from a few weeks during school holidays occasionally! , but my Dad, Ted Hurst, worked there for many years. I wonder if you remember him? I'm in touch with an old work colleague of my Dad's - Alan Rose. Do you remember him too? As for NAAFI, my brother Michael Hurst (Mike or Mick), worked there in the 60's. Hope you remember my family! Ann