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  1. I'd much rather go to Brighton than Skegness.  Lively and interesting with good bars and restaurants although the  beach isn't the best.  I think homophobia from a number of you is a major consideration-not to me or plenty of others with a live and let live attitude. Move on from the 40's/50's  mindset 

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  2. I was at the National Archives today and just had time to look at both of sets of Grandparents with children, for free. My Mum and Dad didn't appear as they were born in late 1921 and 1922.   Interesting to see an Uncle and  Aunts I remember so well and my Grandads employers are known.  More work to do!

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  3. I could read well too, before I went to Infant school.  I've only got one book I had as a child now - a book of poems for children, and my  Mum had helpfully written the date I was given it - Christmas 1964, so I'd only just turned 8.  I loved Little Women, although not so keen on Heidi, but I was a big fan of Bunty and  loved Enid Blyton