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  1. Remember the surface of Bobbers Mill Road pavement was ideal for roller skating , Jill
  2. Its not the multicultural thing its the crime that bothers people.
  3. Haha!! Me too. You were after biscuits , I was after sweets.
  4. Jill Jill the building on the left was Boots and Woolworths was next to it, now a food store. Where the gap is going down from Boots was an alleyway to the back of the Grand. Then a lovely cake shop . Of course sold cooked meat and pies. I think there was a cafe at the back too. Then the lovely Theatre Royal style Grand cinema ( was a music hall ) then a shoe shop , then butchers , then Staddons big store on the corner.
  5. Thanks Jill. Looks a very interesting site. When I was about 3 I was in a very busy Woolworths on a Saturday afternoon with my Mum and Dad . Somehow ( as they were very careful parents ) I wandered off and walked all the way to Birkin Avenue to a little sweet shop on the right hand side going up to Bentick Road as I wanted some sweets which were on ration then. They recognised me and looked after me until my distraught parents came on a desperate hunch. I can remember doing it even now ! I was apparently small for my age then but no-one stopped me. Imagine what would happen nowadays wal
  6. I remember paper bags with biscuits in and when we arrived at school we would put them in a big wicker basket .Jill
  7. Jonab it was a great area in the 1940s/50s/and early 60s. So safe and decent hardworking people. The demise came with the Hyson Green flats and the great benefits system.. Although they replaced substandard housing people worked because they had to and anyway that is what you did. Apart from that area where Asda is now the rest of Hyson Green was a good area with decent hard-working, law abiding clean people. So sad to see the decline over the years .