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  1. Yep, Caulton was the slipper (or plimsol) whacker. I remember the name Bonser but I now think the one who accidentally kneed me in the groin was a PE student from Loughborough College on placement at HP.
  2. Further to DJ360 and other posts, yes, it was P P Payne. I lived near there from mid 1940's to early 1960's. Starting at the top of Hucknall Road was Thos Forman's printing works and next to it was what we kids called Forman's field. We used to sneak in there and explore the tunnels underneath. Anybody know what they were for? Later, Turners built their bakery on Forman's field and I did loads of night shifts there. Later on, in college holidays, I drove their bakery lorries. Down from Turners there were about ten houses followed by the Co-op store on the corner of Tee
  3. I've only just joined, so very late joining this discussion. Taff Davies was still there when I attended. I saw quite a bit of him as, being somewhat lazy, there were quite a few occasions when I was "on report". Mr Graham (History) was my Basford Housemaster. The long-winded history teacher was probably the Aberdonian 'Jake' Murray. Because of his teaching style I deliberately failed my end-of-year History exam so that I could take French the following year. Stan Middleton was a great teacher. I was also taught English by Mr Moorcroft, who was reputed to
  4. Regarding fastfil2004's comment about getting the strap from Mr Martin, I too got the strap on the palms for allegedly throwing snowballs at a lady near Mr Cook's newsagent shop at the junction of Hucknall Road and Haydn Road. Yes, it hurt. Another boy, whose name I cannot remember was also punished for that alleged offence and we were adamant at the time that we were not guilty. I attended the little school in the old church opposite the junior school from 1949, then moved to "the huts" in the playground of the junior school and finally into the junior school building until moving