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  1. Wow, loved hearing about your travels back and forth too loopylugs! I was born in Alberta and still have family there. I suspect we might end up living there one day close to the mountains.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the warm welcome!! I lived in Grantham when young, then other areas of the England over a period of 16 years. My parents and my in-laws are still in Notts and Lincs, so we come back as often as we can, and it feels like my second home. My first memory of Nottingham was a trip to the Tales of Robin Hood and Victoria Center in early 90s, last visit was Lace Market area in 2019 - it has changed a lot during those 30 years alone! My husband’s maternal line goes back to 1700s in St. Ann/Mapperley/Sneiton/West Bridgford areas. I started looking into t
  3. Introductions... Canadian prairie girl who moved to Lincolnshire for school, married a Notts man, and brought him back to the prairies. We now have two kids who are half Prairie, half Notts. Now doing the family history on both sides. My mother-in-law’s family go way back in Nottingham, wow. So I am learning all about the history of Nottingham and areas around it, loving it!! Found this website and know I can learn a lot more still, and hope to find out more about specific areas that the in-laws came from. Missing life over there, looking forward to connecting with and r