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  1. Sadly, Jeff had a fatal brain haemorrhage in 1995. Funny but I have no recollection of the dog, Major.
  2. Jeffrey Wiley was my step-brother. As you say, your parents gave a lot of support to my grandparents. Unfortunately as my grandma aged in the 1970's she did become quite 'difficult' and 'demanding'. I have memories of playing with the children who lived around where my grandparents lived when I visited. This would have been during the 1960's. I vaguely remember Kim and Gaye Machin. I also think there might have been a couple of boys who lived further along towards the church. I occasionally went to church with my grandma on a Sunday. I notice on an earlier post you mention you a
  3. I realise this is an old thread but..my grandma and grandad were Annie and William Wiley who lived at 88 Bobbers Mill Road. This thread has really interested me - I recognise some of the names from visiting my grandparents in the 1960's/70's. I have passed the link to my dad (Peter Wiley) who is mentioned in one of the posts as he will possily have other memories of the area.