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  1. Thanks for that, I’m on the left in the specs, we went for quite a trek don’t remember much about the route but remember we called in at Stan’s house to make repairs to the rear wheel! Obviously Stan in the saddle, good to see him and the rest of the team - takes me back great to see the photo many thanks
  2. Hi Clif Ton Thanks to my dear old mum I have a copy of the school mag would you believe - I put a few words together about our exploits with the penny farthing. Appears there were actually 8 of us involved in making the bike. Though don’t think it politic to mention names here. found a photo of me riding the penny farthing would be good to see other photos if you have them
  3. Hi just picked up this thread. I also was in Stan Bullard’s group who made the penny farthing as a CSE project, which we measured up off a vintage one at Nottingham Castle museum. Stan was a really good down to earth teacher, giving great support. He started my interest followed by my subsequent career in engineering. I remember he was very much into wild birds and he netted and ringed them just outside the metalwork class. We even took the penny farthing on a ride after it had been assessed for CSE, was interesting getting on and off but great fun to ride! As I recall we were a small