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  1. Trogg Thanks for the feedback. I did do a drawing of the type you mention but it's not on my Flickr site. I'll post it soon, but it wasn't one of my best efforts!
  2. Hi I'm new to this site and hope I'm adding this to the correct place. I have been photographing Nottingham for over 40 years and have about 5000 photos on my Flickr site at The albums on the site are sorted by content - cinemas, pubs, railways, street furniture, police stations, banks etc etc. I also have a website containing Nottingham articles - I hope someone may find the content of both sites interesting. Keep safe. Graham Woodward
  3. Hi DJ360 - no problem re Church Street. As for the Luddites, I looked up riot in the OX dictionary and it said, "A violent disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled for a common purpose". I think that a large group of people hell bent on destroying stocking frames and setting fire to large buildings would fit this description. I have much sympathy for the Luddites - the bosses treated them with disdain and they did not have any say in the matter. The sad thing was that in the end they were shooting themselves in the foot. Rather than replace the frames that
  4. Hi everyone - thanks for all the comments and help. Engineer - typos changed, thanks Ransome & Bridgeford always catch me out. Well spotted. My 'How to date your house' book showed the brickwork as Cross Bond, but I'll bow to an expert. Thanks. As for Bridewell, I wasn't sure it was a police station as such, more a custody suite for the Magistrate's Court. That's one reason I asked for comments as I am no expert on the Police. It is hard to get a decent photo but as i have included the old House of Correction and the Guildhall 'prisons' I'll probably add it to the article. A n
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for all the comments re the police station article. I'll change the typos - the spell checker misses words spelt correctly but which are wrong in context. On the Sherwood stations, space in the article limits covering all the locations, so I'll amend the page to show that these 'phony' stations were at numerous sites. Thanks again. Engineer - I've corrected the typos. Ransome and Bridgeford always get past me - you often read what you want to read not what it should read! The brickwork came up in my 'how to date your house' book but I'll bow to an expert. I hav
  6. BeeKay: Some tablets block websites that don't have an SSL certificate - the padlock at the head of the address in the address bar. My host, Claranet, doesn't provide SSL support but it only matters if your site records either online payments or cookies, which mine doesn't. See if in your settings for chrome the blocker is enabled and tell it that my site is a trusted site. If that doesn't work, ........... use your PC
  7. Jill: Thanks - You just can't argue about dates when someone was born there! To be honest they look more early 1920s than 1930s as they are rendered the same as those at Stockhill. Thanks again - I'll update by Hyson Green talk project. Eternally grateful. I like this forum already and I've only been on it half a day.
  8. At age 70, you don't know how close to reality these caricatures are! Thanks
  9. Jill: I recently prepared a PowerPoint talk on Hyson Green, which I haven't delivered yet due to the Covid restrictions. When I researched that material the nearest date I could get for the council houses on Bobbersmill Road was 1930.
  10. Jill: The police lodge on Alfreton Road at Bobbers Mill is mentioned in the 1885 edn of Wright's Directory, but isn't listed in the 1894 or later editions. On the 1899 OS Map there is a building on the corner which may have been the police station although it isn't marked as such on the map. It's still there on the 1913 OS Map but again not shown as a police station of lodge. It was demolished when the houses were built in the 1930s. Picture of 1913 map below (hope I've done that right).
  11. Awesome. Where did you find that picture? I read somewhere that it was used at one time to house a gateman who operated the gates of the railway that crossed the road on its way to Cinderhill but that seems to have been further up the road. A new station was built on bar Lane in the 1960s/70s behind the Commodore.
  12. Cliff Ton and Katyjay - thanks for the feedback - I'll amend the Shakespeare errors and I also can't find any pictures of the Melbourne Rd station but will trawl the OS maps and see what I find. It is not shown in my 1986 A-Z guide so must be before that.
  13. Thanks guys. Really appreciated. I don't think it matters how long you have been away as long as your memory is still good.
  14. Hi. I'm new to the forum so hope I have placed this in the right place. I am a Photographic Historian and have been photographing Nottingham for nearly 50 years. I have written several articles about Nottingham using my photos as the main theme. I am currently producing an article on old Nottm police stations and wonder if anyone on the forum would be kind enough to have a look at the draft and check any errors in content etc or suggest any changes. The article is not to be sold, but will be issued free of charge to the Civic Society for distribution amongst its membe