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  1. I think you are most probably right. Thank you for your effort to find the place. Here is the passage in which Snakey woods is mentioned. I thought that It is somewhere near Cherry Orhchard but when I look at the map I saw those places far way from each other. So, I was confused because the characters were going out for a walk. However, as you say, Sandy Lane and Deddington Plantation really fit. "When my first pay night came I called for her and asked: "What about a walk up Snakey Wood?" I was cheeky-daft and on top of the world, and because I'd forgotten about our arrangement I d
  2. Hello! I'm writing this post from Turkey. I've been translating Sillitoe's book into Turkish and he mentions a place called "Snakey Woods". When I searched for this place, I couldn't find where it is. Could any one please inform me about this? I think it might be somewhere in Beeston but can't be sure. I would be really grateful to whom tell me it.. Thank you!