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  1. It has been identified as "Some Die For Money" by 3D (A Fish in Sea)
  2. Also heads up: Kokane Guns were once a lead and have been ruled out. Their bassist was contacted and he said they only ever released 1 single which can be found online.
  3. Yeah I'm not convinced the singer is British or a native english speaker. Most people seem to think he is but not even Brits can really place his accent.
  4. Hey, that video was uploaded by a troll. You may notice that the audio is identical to that of the video I shared - same length, quality and even the fade-in is there. Also the band in the photo is a modern Australian band called Press Club: Sorry to say but the search continues.
  5. Hi Nottstalgia! Can anyone here identify this song? It was recorded in the 80s (probably the early 80s) from Radio Trent (Trent FM). There is really not much known about it. It's often compared to Duran Duran and Oingo Boingo but it's not them and it's very unlikely that it's by any well-known band. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.