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  1. Ah wow that is interesting indeed - great finds
  2. Hi all, I have managed to find articles in the Birmingham Post online about the murder. It seems that the murder occurred on April 1st 1969 where a women by the name of Ann Sheldon was found murdered by her 6 year old daughter at her house on Moore Road. The murderer was her husband, Dennis Alan Sheldon who strangled her with a length of electrical flex. He got life for the murder. Apparently she was found in her bedroom. There seems to be some suggestion that Ann was working as a prostitute and also that Dennis had only just got out of prison. Not sure which house it was tho
  3. Yes indeed - very glad I joined! Will keep everyone updated as and when I find out more!
  4. Thanks for all the replies and looking in the archives DAVIDW. Trying to talk to more people on the street to see if they can narrow the search down. I did find a record of a Lucy Flynn being murdered but that was 1980's and it was listed as Porchester Road so thinking that can't be it. Will let you all know if I find more info from the neighbours!
  5. Hi, Many thanks for the welcomes mary1947 and Will2017! Will2017 - so there is something to the story, thanks for the info! You don't happen to know the year or names of anyone involved? Thinking of going to the archives to see if I can get an old newspaper report or something! Cheers
  6. Hi all, Newbie here! Doing some research on the street that I've moved to, Moore Road just off Porchester Road, and some of the neighbours said there was a murder on this street in the 1970's. Does anyone know anything about this, when I asked them for more info they didn't really have any! Cheers!