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  1. I attended Saint Martins from 1958 to 1965, which seemed ages at the time. I was involved in the choir, the youth clubs (Junior and Senior) and served on the altar. In March, 1958 Father Lavender was on his way out, possibly to retirement. The curate, Father Mitchell was eager to take over as rector but was rejected, presumably by the P.C.C. So Father Mitchell and his daughter had to vacate the flat at the rear of the rectory (as did John Fletcher) while the building was refurbished for Father John Wilkins and his family comprised of three boys and a daughter. Father Michael Davenport arrived
  2. Yes. The pub was closed long after I left. I think that, at one point, it was tenanted by the husband and daughter of Mrs Littlehales (?) who used to run a small shop at the end of Key Street. I’m amazed the block of flats is still standing. I remember it being built more than 50 years ago? I wondered why the mounts was flattened. Was it to create playing fields for the school on Carlton Road?
  3. My memories of the mounts are those of a four year old who was allowed to wander at will. To me it was an adventure playground which I always thought comprised sandstone. I lived at 267 Windmill Lane, a former terraced house opposite Key Street and the Red Cow, which was demolished (as was much of the housing in that area) after we left in early 1950. Apart from roaming at will I remember the mounts as a short cut to the cinema in Sneinton Dale where we used to go for the Saturday morning rush. James Jonex