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  1. That will be the one thank you. I remember it cost me just under ten shillings for which I had to save my pocket money for weeks to go! Fantastic concert though rather an odd line up. I went to see Hendrix and he didn’t disappoint
  2. Does anyone remember going to a concert at the Theatre Royal 1968 or 69 where the bill consisted of Amen Corner, The Move, The Nice, Pink Floyd and headlined with Jimi Hendrix?
  3. Trying to trace Linda Smedley who lived in East Leake in the 1960s. She left Rushcliffe School in 1969 and I think got a job with Fisons at Loughborough. Caroline (Staddon) and me (was Marion Walker) would like to know what happened to her
  4. I seem to recall going to the Slipper when I was about 15 or so. Did they have nights specifically for younger people?
  5. I was at Rushcliffe Girls Technical Grammar from 1964-1969 then the comprehensive from 1969-1971. Was a good grammar school but went downhill fast as a comp under Dr Littlejohn