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  1. I was around during that time, remember the names. I was in the same class as Chaz, who I believe got expelled for hitting a teacher...
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    Do you remember me Nigel & Chris who played guitar in the school group?

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      Great to hear from you Ian, I thought it may be you. I also drive a Epiphone, mine being a Special II Model, like an early Les Paul, but not doing anything with it! Finished my semi-pro years a long long time ago when I got involved with I.T. Yes Chris (Mr Badaxe) seemed to be still pounding the strings and making a few bucks on the way... I decided to retire in Thailand as my beautiful wife is Thai and we've been married nearly 19 years!!! That's very good for me as 3 previous marriages failed. I played around in bands until my early 30's when I realized I wasn't going any further with it. I seemed to do well in I.T. and manage to reach a senior management position. Moved on in the late 80's when I had my owned restaurant/bar in the Lace Market. That didn't last long. Spent 5 years living in Phuket, Thailand from 2003. Currently trying hard to learn to play an alto sax... That's about it I guess. What about yourself? Hey, do you remember the surname of a girl named Stella in the year below me that I used to hang around with? Trying hard to touch base with her. Anyway, take care Ian, look forward to hearing more from you? Cheers. Nigel

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      Hi again Nigel,

      Nice to hear from you again. Sounds like you've had a good life so far although I'm sure your failed marriages took their toll. I got married in 1973 when I was 23, that didn't work out either and flattened me for a while mainly because of the two kids. It was a very hard time but I remarried in 1989 and Kim and I have two kids and are still very happy together in our retirement.

      I've always messed around with guitars, amps and other gear but always at home. I loved playing in a band as a teenager but never got back to it. 
      I left Roland Green in spring 1968 to join Boots in their QA labs. It turned out to be the making of me and I finished up at Uni in 1972 getting a good qualification in chemistry. Most of my career that followed was in the pharma and food industries where after a spell in Holland I became MD of one of Spillers companies in my early 40s. Thereafter I went into consultancy and interim management before calling it a day.

      I still love The Beatles. I remember when Sgt Pepper came out in the summer of 1967 you and Chris came into school wearing badges which you'd picked up at the record shop. I was very envious.

      I would love to know what happened to Mick Coombes. He was a great bloke and not a bad guitarist either.

      We live in Daventry and Bournemouth these days. Our son Ben is 26 and still at home, but our daughter Hannah 30 has a good job in media in Nottingham where she lives with her partner. We also have two dogs to keep us fit and 4 guitars to keep me sane. My pride and joy is my Rickenbacker 360/12C63 which I play through a Vox AC15. It should sound like George Harrison but it doesn't, though that's down to me rather than the gear.

      Cheers for now


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      Forgot to say I remember Stella Berridge very well. IIRC she had auburn hair and was very vivacious. Haven't come across her since I left RG in 1968.

      I did bump into Janet Brown in the early 70s. She used to live on Cremorne St and was quite pretty and petite.