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  1. Hurricane Alley Florida Beekay. Am a bit happier now we’ve moved inland and the owner of our rental is refunding us for the time we’re not there so that’s paid for our hotel. What a good egg.
  2. We’re on our way shortly to a hotel inland, there’s a mandatory evacuation order on from 8am this morning for the island so that’s warning enough for us. At least we won’t have water anywhere near us.
  3. Trust me to be in Hurricane Alley when one is on its way! Shops already running out of water. Will have to bunker down in the linen closet.
  4. MRS B


    Mary, I went to the Hippo a couple of times and the Sandpiper but used to go regularly to a club near the Theatre Royal. Was that Scamps? seems to be so long ago, it’s all a bit of a haze!
  5. MRS B


    mary think I was born a little later than you, 1955, my youth was all about hot pants and mini skirts (very mini skirts) and platform shoes and boots and dancing on the stage at the Union Boat Club in the days of Petal the DJ but yes lots of Dusty Springfield eye make up going on.
  6. Well done you, great achievement! As you say though time to rest now. Did you really go to the tanning parlour? Mrs B
  7. mary1947. Think life was so much more fun back in the day. My two kids are in their mid thirties and constantly on their phones. Nothing like actual social interaction with a “real” person.
  8. Definitely a hankie. Just reminded me as well about going out and “be prepared”, my mum always used to say a bit later in life than the Brownies! Make sure you have decent underwear on in case you end up in hospital. I used to think, where do you think I’m going if I eventually end up in hospital and I’m sure that they’ve seen everything in hospital and would be more concerned with my well being.
  9. Chip butties are the best David. I love salt on chips! On the subject of salt, I attended a “pain management” clinic for about 8 weeks many years ago at Nottm City Hospital and the lead instructor said that we should have more salt for muscles and circulation. I was a little surprised at the time. I think the problem is that over the years more salt has been added to food, particularly ready made meals that you should not add more to these. However, I grow all my own veg and usually eat it within 2 days of picking so do add salt if I want it, not on everything though. You hear that the E
  10. One of my favourites as a child was dripping on toast, especially if you got some of the dark meat juice jelly bit! My mum used to love tripe, yuck. She also used to do pigs trotters which were really tasty but the hair on the feet used to put me off!
  11. MRS B

    The Queen

    Personally I am grateful to be able to witness this period in our history from all aspects. Certainly the Irish piece of it. I grew up thinking that the riots and killings on both sides was “normal” for the time but how times have changed eh. I also think it was apt that she passed away in Scotland, a place that she loved and spent more time there than any other monarch. They did her proud. Well done to Princesse Anne who has looked over her throughout and Charles who quite understandably has got very frustrated over the “pen” incidents when he has been so busy.
  12. I had a notification from the local council this morning to invite me for a covid Autumn booster and have managed to get in tomorrow! How efficient.
  13. MRS B

    The Queen

    Being totally frivolous what about calling it the Charleton era?
  14. MRS B

    The Queen

    Always benjamin1945, too much bad feeling in the world not to show kindness, it makes a lot of difference. The Queen had that quality of making people feel special and valued irrelevant of their circumstances.
  15. MRS B

    The Queen

    I am a fan of the monarchy but what I do find interesting historically is that the new head of the Church of England and his Queen Consort are both divorcees and this is acceptable and divorce is recognised by the Church. Of course the creator of the Church of England did so because he wanted to get rid of his first wife to marry Boleyn and that was acceptable. Why was it not acceptable that both Princess Margaret and Charles could not marry the loves of their life at the time ? Interesting conundrum.