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  1. Minnie Driver (as in the actress not the car)
  2. Well done Mary, bet you are well chuffed. What a bit of good news.
  3. Yes we have had some very changeable weather in Loughborough today. Almost as though it couldn’t make its mind up what to do and thought it would throw everything at us.
  4. We never had an outside toilet but am reverting a bit that way with a bucket at the allotment which kinda puts me in the same club as you lot!
  5. Does anyone have any memories of Selston? I can remember as a child going to visit my Aunt Peg there.
  6. I was a Sarah Coventry jewellery demonstrator in the 70’s doing house sales parties. There’s quite a lot of their stock on sale on eBay now I see. I remember it being quite tricky as there was always a lot of people at the parties (free food and entertainment) but no one was really eager to book a party themselves.
  7. Warm milk always reminds me of walking to primary school in the morning, back in the day when folks boiled milk to make milky coffee. The smell of boiled over milk was quite regularly experienced.
  8. You are funny Beekay, made me titter. Or totter, not sure which.
  9. Goodness, I have had ear problems all my life, can remember mum warming a teaspoon of olive oil over the gas jet and then when cool enough putting the oil in my ear. Also putting her warm hand over my ear at night and going to sleep with a knitted bonnet on. In my 50’s I actually had a grommet inserted which when removed left a small hole in my eardrum (very unusual apparently) great when flying as no difference in pressure. My daughter inherited the same problem and has had numerous ear infections just like her mom and still suffers when she has a cold.
  10. My husband served 22 years in the Army for Queen and country (and other peoples countries at times) he has 4 medals nicely presented in a box and we are all very proud of them and him. At least we're not like the Yanks who seem to give medals out for just flying over a war zone. The monarchy actually bring a lot of money into this country through tourism and are patrons of some really worthwhile charities. No one in the world does pomp and ceremony like we do and some of the uniforms have some real history.
  11. No also tarts that were massacred Jill Sparrow. Love a good Bakewell. My sister in law made one once and forgot to put the jam in it and it has always been called the Bakeill tart not well. Still nice though.
  12. Talking of bands does anyone remember Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band?
  13. Being a McDonald by birth (yeah we were those guys at Glencoe) I understand the kilt but you did have to have good legs. Huge yardage of material in those kilts which was actually why they were so warm but also pretty windy in Scotland. I do have some McDonald tartan (ha predictive text tried to make me put McDonald tarts , guess there were some of those too) I love Scotland so must be in my blood I suppose.
  14. Lizzie M I watched quali this morning and am now wasting the next hour till the race is on C4. My kids are in Florida but west coast near Clearwater, just FaceTimed them. Don’t know result so don’t tell me !