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  1. Ants are very clever and industrious creatures. They will normally love dry and warm conditions that they can travel through easily and lay eggs. Great for breaking up the soil. At the allotment we have to water around where they nest particularly in the greenhouse and poly tunnel. They are usually not harmful to plants and move on. Annoying if they are in houses though.
  2. Jill, we had 2 black cats mother and daughter like peas in a pod. Sadly the kitten was run over but we still have the mom. She has very thick silky short hair.
  3. Lizzie, how annoying for you both. What on earth is happening to the NHS? I actually had my MRI a week last Tuesday and still waiting for the results. It was taken less than a mile away from my surgery. Rang docs yesterday, results not back yet.
  4. Hedgehog just arrived Jill, bit squally out there!
  5. Us too heating clicking in, what on earth is this weather? I attended a Loughborough in Bloom meeting this morning, preparing for our judging next month. Goodness knows what the plants will be like. On the up side at least we haven’t got to water.
  6. By far the best dunkers are McVities dark chocolate digestives sandwiched together with the chocolate side inside. Absolute decadence.
  7. I always used to use the old Fosse when my parents lived in Trowbridge. Loved that Road.
  8. Brew we have a silver car made in Germany with a three point star on the bonnet. Does that count ?
  9. It was Midland Red! That’s a nice memory unearthed for you, what a lovely story. Sometimes my brother used to take the train from Derby. He lived at Acocks Green while he was at BSA.
  10. The only bus number which sticks in my mind was the X99 that used to go to Brum. My brother did his engineering apprenticeship at BSA and seem to remember this was the bus he used to get ?? Unless my dad drove on a Sunday evening and can remember “Sing something Simple” and the shipping forecast on the radio. Think I was usually asleep in the back of the car. Before the A42 was built of course and used to go through Measham and stop for fish and chips there. Must have been around mid sixties.
  11. Finally had my MRI today on my knee, I beat the system and rang Leicester appointments (on a secret number)about 10 days ago as no one at the surgery had informed me of anything and managed to get in at the unit at Loughborough Uni. They were really kind there. Waiting on results now obviously. Time will tell.
  12. Lizzie, what a great day at Wimbledon you will have, my daughter and I went when the Olympics were on and had such a good time. Enjoy it and hope to see you next week.
  13. Good job I like it too. As you can imagine my clothes all went in the wash afterwards but do love it. I make a years worth of passata with tomatoes, garlic, oregano, olive oil and sweet onions roasted and then bottled. Beats the Dolmio rubbish. Jill, I have counted 7 hedgehogs tonight.
  14. Harvested 75 Provence Wight garlic bulbs yesterday from my polytunnel and tidied them up before putting them on racks to dry off today. Excellent result with advice from Charles Dowding (the “no dig guru) on don’t leave them too long in the ground. When they’re ready, they’re ready! If you let the bulbs start splitting, soil gets between the layers and that’s what rots them.
  15. Just hedgehog watching so thought whilst I was doing nothing else, I’d contribute to the Trump debate. Being a frequent visitor to the USA I still cannot fathom why they are so gullible and easily led by this criminal. They are though and if he’s given the chance to run he will and probably get back in. Quite alarming.