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    Gardening. Voluntary work for the RHS. Aircraft and airline enthusiast. Seamstress and craft person. Love cats, I have 2 a mum and daughter.

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  1. nonnaB thinking of you and your family. So sorry.
  2. Spring must be on the way, I’ve just seen my first bee of the season buzzing away on my pulmonaria flowers. They love them. Onwards and upwards!
  3. Trogg, best wishes for a speedy recovery to your wife and well done for coping with the scary incident. Bet you’re fussing over her.
  4. We devised a simple but excellent piece of kit for scrumping. Just a piece of dowling with a cup hook on the end, worked a treat. The Bitterlings (of glue fame) had some very fruitful trees in their garden. Surprisingly we never got caught.
  5. Butter, I believe. Love potted dog.
  6. It was Onions when we lived there in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Thanks for reminding me nonnaB!
  7. MRS B

    CB Radio

    Oh yes Phil that was me! It actually wasn’t and I hadn’t heard of that story. It did make me laugh though. Pretty boring in ATC overnight, you definitely needed something to keep you awake when you have a small number of night flights.
  8. MRS B

    CB Radio

    My first job when I left school was as an Air traffic Control Assistant (ATCA) at Luton and one of the tasks on a night shift was updating the Air Pilot manual with amendments. It was a really thick volume of information. I can also remember these little paper strips which held info from the flight plan and were stored on boards for the controllers. Very simple and even now used with all the modern technology we have. I always said that it was the best job I ever gave up.
  9. We have just got back from an epic valentines champagne afternoon tea on Great Central. I couldn’t fault it in any way. So much cake we brought some home with us. nice to do something a bit different.
  10. nonnaB our family had 3 wedding breakfasts at the Chestnuts - ours, my brothers and my auntie. They were very good and at some point your husband must have been the manager. We used to get our meat from the very good butchers in Radcliffe or steak from the farm at Bassingfield where they used to hang it. Until one day we found maggots (yuck) and then stopped going there.
  11. Good morning nonnaB. No it was the Chestnut where we went. I was living at Cropwell Butler at the time. Small world eh.
  12. Nonna what was the restaurant you had in Radcliffe called ? Think it could have been where I had my wedding reception to my first husband in 1977? Maybe not but worth asking the question.
  13. On another note West Bridgford announced as the 13th poshest place in England. Always called bread and lard island as you couldn’t afford to eat anything else after you had bought a house there. I had some really happy years at school there but we weren’t residents.
  14. I wonder if the space under Burtons is still there? Used to love Burtons as a child and always had our turkey from there every year. Remember my father forget to order the Christmas Eve pick up one year and all they had left was an unplucked one. We must have spent hours that night sorting it out. What was the furniture shop near there on the Poultry called ? My brother worked there for a while.
  15. Ooh thanks Trogg, looking forward to it. The weather forecast looks good.