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  1. Lizzie, my dads favourite too was 2 shredded wheat, Shreddies is the latter day version but definitely not as good as the original. Golly, might have to buy one or the other when I go shopping tomorrow now.
  2. Ooh I love Shreddies but has to be with hot milk.
  3. Beekay, Mrs B originates from what I was called at work, wife of Mr B. Don’t ever think I was ever Mrs PT although did love trampolining back in the day! Haven’t turned into Percy Thrower have always loved raising and growing plants (particularly roses) going back to when we had a veg garden at Tollerton in my early years. The rose garden at the house has now turned into a parking lot. Have all my dads rose species at my allotment - Ena Harkness, Danse de Feur Superstar and new David Austin varieties like Judi Dench, Darcey Bussell and the one that I love the most for the scent Gertrude Jeky
  4. Margie any thoughts on the next meet up? Mrs B
  5. Now is the time to plan your gardening year folks. Think what you eat if you are growing veg or if you are wanting to change your floral, shrub and summer bulbs in your garden. Nothing wrong with ordering seeds now. Always have a plan and don’t start seeds off too soon. Yes you can germinate them inside but if you are not careful they will bolt while we have the heating on, then you’re stuck as to where to put them. Unfortunately there is a thin line in the UK between planting too early or late with the daylight duration and ripening potential later. Also late frosts around May. If only we kne
  6. I’ve been thinking where’s everybody gone for a couple of days, (obvs we’ve all been busy!) have collected my seed potatoes this morning which are now sitting in egg trays ready to chit. 40 Charlottes to be divided between 5 blue IKEA bags in March. Also some Red Baron and Centurion onions, some of which I will put in my polytunnel next to the garlic which is doing well now. Too cold and wet to plant any outside at the moment.
  7. I saw that earlier, good old Rodders, must have been to see him in concert over the years at least 6 times, one of my faves.
  8. That solves it then Jill Sparrow, can understand why you were scared by them, they were quite loud. Great invention by Lamson though.
  9. I actually do not like any the aforementioned so called entertainers.They really all rile me.
  10. I thought I was in love with Scott Tracy, on reflection he was a puppet.
  11. I used to like Lassie and the wooden tops and little weed on watch with mother
  12. I can understand why you didn’t like them Jill and lots of places had them. It was the vacuum noise that was so loud, simple engineering eh. They went at some pace tho.
  13. The boys will probably confirm this one but weren’t those tubes called Anson tubes? We had a system when I worked at Luton where bookings and other material was sent up to the Control Tower. When we used to get bored on a night shift we used to send all manner of things in the containers just for a laugh. They also had one in the co op in Castle Donington for the cash.
  14. I recall a road that was behind the Nottingham Night and came out onto Loughborough Rd WB