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  1. I hate to think how many times in my life I have heard that joke Beekay. The Bond is now demolished unfortunately. Small world though eh, you walking past every day.
  2. We’ve used a gas weed burner for a while now for between slabs and on the drive, saves using that awful glyphosate, especially with the amount of cats around us. We like it, just don’t get it too near the UPVC doors! Our garden is really small though so it’s ideal.
  3. My dad worked for Players for over 40 years at the bonded warehouse on Triumph Road. George McDonald, big guy with a handlebar moustache. Don’t know if you ever crossed paths.
  4. I’d forgotten about the old syrup of figs remedy Beekay. You made me laugh
  5. MRS B


    I complained to PG Tips about the amount of teabags that were split when they changed how they were sealed and they credited me with the price of a 240 pack once I’d given them the serial number on the pack so they could trace the problem.
  6. Ooh you are lucky Nonna, what are you going to use them for? How’s your husband doing as well?
  7. Thanks goodness that Health and Safety is now such an important part of the workplace, especially where machinery is concerned. I can remember my next door neighbour who worked for Rolls Royce was trying to fix one of the machines and it started up. Lucky to survive really but he was in a right mess. My son works for a major international company in Health and Safety and the rules, especially concerning potential hazards are really strict. He does a lot of lecturing too and really enjoys his job. Now it’s more about prevention and awareness.
  8. Yeah me too Kev, I’ve had 4 layers on at the allotment today and cloched up my courgettes as they are suffering as are the French beans. It’s too cold for them and the next 2 weeks don’t look much better, particularly overnight.
  9. MRS B


    Jill, the Goumet stems from when my little cat had to have her pelvis pinned together a couple of years ago and when she came home she wouldn’t eat dry food. Now her and her mum have a tin between them in the morning and dry for the rest of the day. The hog likes the chicken one too. Will keep an eye out for baby hogs.
  10. MRS B


    Jill, I’ve stoked it up with Gourmet catfood. All gone quiet now after a couple of hours of frenzied activity while it was collecting bedding
  11. MRS B


    Look what we’ve got back, it’s nest building in my border.
  12. MRS B


    Phil re medlars. Once you’ve done the juice extraction the volume is reduced as you’re only straining the clear juice really. Don’t be tempted to get any more liquid by pressing more through the sieve as it makes the finished product cloudy. We mackled up a suspended sieve over a big mixing bowl overnight which although looked a bit “Heath Robinson” worked. Just compost the left overs in the sieve. If you have any spare jars made it is always good to give to friends and family as it’s a bit unusual. Great with a ploughmans. On another note, I see that the Tap and Run at Upper
  13. MRS B


    Phil, if you Google medlar jelly you will see a recipe from David Lebovitz for it. You have to “blet” them (leave them to soften) and they look absolutely disgusting when this has been completed. However it makes a beautiful clear jelly almost like the colour of rose hips. v good recipe.
  14. Bees are buzzing all around my oriental poppies, totally high on nectar.
  15. Plantfit, all looking very beautiful. Roses are my passion but I don’t have luck with lupins at all. I had loads including one called Manhattan Lights which was a corker. My ground is really too wet for them and they just rot unfortunately or get attacked by aphids. Phil, just like you I fell backwards last Saturday and then managed to get up and be thankful that I hadn’t broken anything either.We will have to be more careful I guess.