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  1. I can remember my dad used to drop me off at the Baptist Youth Club on Musters Road and we always used to walk down to the Slipper (unbeknown to him of course) he just used to pick me back up at the youth club at the appointed time! We then graduated to the Union after that.
  2. Hi, did this house belong to the Wolfe family? Remember the series. Mrs B
  3. Hi, I was born on Tollerton Lane and went to the primary school there. Did you know that Mrs Gretton the head teacher when it opened had died? She was over 100 bless her. There is a website for Tollerton village which is quite interesting. I am in the process of doing an article for them when I get round to unearthing photos! Many happy memories and will always feel like it is home. Mrs B
  4. Hi, I can remember going swimming at Stanford in the late 60’s. Did it used to be owned by the Co op back in the day? Mrs B
  5. Hi Cliff Ton Oh those pictures are so sad, my dad loved working there, he used to tell us about all the tobacco that had to be disposed of (accompanied by customs). Think it used to be incinerated. Also remember they used to get their best baccy from Rhodesia (as was) and then had to swap to other markets including British American tobacco. I can remember visiting their offices in North Carolina and there was an area that was like a shrine to John Player with all sorts of memorabilia. Mrs B
  6. My dad worked for Players for 40 years, my mother reckoned she only married him for the free cigs! I always justified smoking Players to keep my mother getting her share of my dad’s pension which was a substantial amount. He ended his time there as the manager of the bonded warehouse on Triumph Road (the big white building, not sure if it’s even still there) Mrs B
  7. My brothers, Mike and Jim McDonald from Tollerton were there in the 60’s if anyone remembers them. Mrs B
  8. I was in the single storey building by the west gate entrance opposite Fields hangar on the far side of the hangar. Ended up working for them off and on for almost 30years, till they were bought up by BA.

  9. Hi Cliff Ton. Also a coincidence that I started at Midland in 1974 in ops at the airport. I remember Peter and Jenny well. Mrs B
  10. Petal (Keith) was the best DJ, remember dancing on the stage at the Union in the late 60’s early 70’s with Grahame from Forest Fields, Lindsay from Bobbers Mill, Roger, Ian (remember the Mick Jagger dancing)Cliff and Jill from WB, Caron, Helen and Gill. Also Roy at the bar. Great times and music like Samba Pa Ti and Layla. Remember throwing glasses down from the terrace outside onto the grass and collecting them on the way to the car on the way home. Oops. Used to park in the car park under what was the Bridgford Hotel.
  11. The Rheingold was originally owned by Captain Peter Van Hooff and Jenny Holmes who worked for British Midland Airways in the 70’s.