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  1. For some reason the comment from Cliffton about searching on Google linking to Nottsalgia doesn’t  show me the reply box option to make a comment ?? Have tested other posts and they don’t have a problem, the reply box is there. 

  2. Great news nonnaB take care of yourself lady.

  3. Hi Jill. When you say that you support the visiting wildlife in your garden including the moggies, do you feed the moggies?

    Mrs B

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    2. MRS B

      MRS B

      A woman after my own heart. We have two rescue cats, first time we have had females in 40 years and unbelievably they get on with all the other neighbourhood cats of which there are a fair few! Although there is some growling, no scrapping, they don’t seem to be as territorial as males. 

    3. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      My eldest is a sixteen year old tabby. She's Top Cat and knows it. Likes everyone else to know it too!  Then there's my seven year old very naughty boy. Feline Brain of Britain he will never be but is gorgeous. Lastly, my five year old boy. Scared of his own shadow but does like to play fight with my other boy. Loves his many toys and doesn't have a nasty bone in his body.


      All three are rescues. I love cats!

    4. MRS B

      MRS B

      Yeah I love cats too, our latest were a mom and 2 kittens, having lost our 16 year old to old age and a heart condition. Unfortunately one of the new brood was run over at a year old but thankfully we still have the other two.

  4. Lizzie that’s awful, but yes would have been hilarious. Yes she wasn’t employed by WB Grammar so must have done the rounds. She was lovely and a great cellist. I can remember taking my cello on the school bus which was always an achievement.

    Mrs B

    1. LizzieM


      I can imagine the struggle you had dragging it onto the bus!  I only managed the Triangle and Recorder so didn’t need to take them home to practice.  
      your comment about your Maths teacher lobbing board rubbers …… I thought they all did that? 

  5. I was in the single storey building by the west gate entrance opposite Fields hangar on the far side of the hangar. Ended up working for them off and on for almost 30years, till they were bought up by BA.