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  1. Mary I totally agree with you about the holiday advert with the ice cream, v annoying. We always have to mute the “daisy, daisy, daisy” perfume one too! We’re having a short break in Northumberland, back tomorrow. Have never seen as many birds as there are up here, wonderful.
  2. Col, I, not an expert on gladioli but there is a lot on Google including the advice that if you buy them from a reputable supplier or nursery they should already be treated. Copper sulphate is mentioned so if you have that have a look at what Google says. I don’t want to sound as though I’m fobbing you off, I just don’t want to encourage you to kill them off! Mrs B
  3. Beekay was my mentor with posting photos bless him.
  4. Yeah you’re right, I just hate the stuff. DEFRA have been threatening to ban it for a number of years and I thought that the exit from the EU would help but agriculture has a big say and use a lot of it as it’s effective. There is a problem with horse manure and weed killers as it doesn’t necessarily harm the horse but is still present in the manure. We lost a whole bed of roses putting manure in that had pesticides remaining in it a while ago as it lasts for years. Try the long handled fork approach.
  5. Oh no not the g word, that stuff should be banned. I have been weeding today and have a new knack - using a very long handled fork to dig the weed and then twisting the handle round like eating spaghetti and it just lifts out of the soil and on to the fork. Very good with couch grass and bittercress but for deeper rooted stuff you would have to use a proper fork to get to the bottom of the root. Up till 18 months ago I would have been on my knees with a hand fork!
  6. DJ360 Gladioli bulbs - you can use bleach (1 part to 100 parts water so very mild) or yellow sulphur powder. Bordeaux mixture will work just as well.
  7. I’ve got NS saved on my Apple IPad in favourites and have no problem. All in chronological order.
  8. Unfortunately DJ360 mine has been caused by years of kneeling doing gardening, guess like the old fashioned housemaids knee. The physio gave me some exercises which I’m doing and have also found a chair/standing pilates class once a week which really helps. Annoying though as you well know.
  9. Lizzie totally agree and rammel is such a Nottm word, love it. You’re right about only noticing it when you’re stuck in traffic wherever you are in the country. It really annoys me too when there are fag butts on the floor inches away from a bin and I’m a smoker! My personal ashtray has travelled thousands of miles around the world with me so I don’t need to do that.
  10. DJ360 I hate “nearly days” when you have plans and something obscurely becomes more important. Hopefully your heating will be ok as we’re in for a cold snap by all accounts. How are your knees? My left one with osteoarthritis diagnosed has gone from intermediate flare ups to being constantly aware of it so not sure where it will end up. More of a problem with swelling on the inner side than anything.
  11. I have had a lot of success with planting onion sets in module trays this year and just putting them in my greenhouse to root and sprout. Gives them a head start ready to plant outside. Polytunnel is now full with garlic planted before Christmas, Red Baron onions and Blauschokker peas which grow to 2m high. These are great as you don’t have to bend to pick them and they are purple podded so easy to spot for harvesting. Have finished sowing my tomatoes today in individual pots covered with cling film (mini propagators) and hopefully will germinate inside on windowsills ready to go in the poly a
  12. More like a nightmare. I can remember not seeing my son for months and he only lives 10 miles away. When he did come over we sat on opposite sides of the patio and wore disposable gloves if we were handling anything, separate towels etc. However we’re all still here and worse things have happened over the course of history for sure. It doesn’t seem real though now.
  13. The upside to all this banter about dress is that it amuses (and riles) us if folks look absurd to us and makes us laugh. I love people watching.
  14. Some people would call it freedom of choice, I would say it’s being slovenly. I look at people sometimes and wonder if they look in a mirror before they go out, particularly with hairdos. I have even seen women shopping in their pyjamas and dressing gown. my mother was a tailoress and always looked immaculate. Times have changed I know but I do think it’s gone too far.
  15. Beekay, I don’t fully understand the rules myself especially the scrum ones and it baffles me when a team is trying to advance that they have to pass backwards? I do appreciate the enthusiasm though and a team (the French) that are inspiring to watch. I understand the rules of American football even less which is supposedly based on rugby rules.
  16. Did anyone watch the rugby today, how good are the French eh? Love to watch them they just get the ball and go for it.
  17. Golly haven’t heard the word “spiv” in years, predictive text wants to change it to “spit” Haha
  18. Margie, I gave up ironing many years ago when I created tramlines in hubbies Army trousers. He does all the ironing now. Can’t say I miss it.
  19. Beekay, it never ceases to amaze me that after all you have coped with you have such a sense of humour and are a total inspiration to everyone.
  20. Gary Lineker isn’t employed by the BBC, he’s freelance. I see that most of the other pundits on the programme have said they won’t appear and some football clubs have refused to speak to the BBC post matches.
  21. Welcome back Trogg (my salt sourcer at the last meet up!) Take care of you.
  22. Happy Birthday Margie enjoy the rest of your day.
  23. Sorry DJ360 you’re right it was David. Apologies but your input is good.
  24. DJ360 Thankfully my army vet is not sleeping rough but you’re right loads are.
  25. I went out with a friend of mine to the Rancliffe Arms at Bunny today. She lives in Kegworth where the govt have just seconded the Yew Lodge for 250 asylum seekers all male. Kegworth are not happy.