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  1. Hello I've recently found an old photograph of my mums showing teaching and auxiliary staff for Greencroft junior school possibly 1955. I also want to add text and find the relevant site to send it. Can you assist. It says the file is too large.
  2. Could someone explain how to find electrol census records for Clifton estate from 1961.
  3. I can see 3 pupils on photo who lived on Woodbridge Avenue, 3rd row up standing 5th from left Dorathy Parsons, then David Humphreys and back row 2nd from right Rosemary?. Front row boys (kneeling) Terry Tansley, John Taylor, Clifford Smith, Douglas Church and Ronald Lowe.
  4. Hello was anyone else on this site a member of the Clifton Boys Brigade. I joined (cohersed) by a teacher called Mr May at Fairham comprehensive in about 1959, practising at the school and also in a old nisan hut on Lanthwaite road. Apart from the usual role call,kit inspection, first aid instruction, football teams and parade drill we went to camps at Skegness. I managed to progress to playing the bugle (painfully out of tune) which unfortunately meant attending church parades. But general a great experience.
  5. Hello Bugsy my grandfather Jacob Dawes (he lived in Gate street) served in first world war, although he worked at Radford pit he signed up. I have a photo of him in his uniform with my grandmother. My other grandfather lived in St Ann's , saint Bartholomew's road, he also joined up and was a Saper. I'll scan photos in and post (may take a while as I have my leg in plaster at the moment).
  6. Correction: changed the position ,counted the teacher ! he's an old boy.
  7. Hello Cliff Ton that's wonderful thanks so much. I can name quite a few of the pupils here, I'm the 3rd boy from the left back row. From that class year all the boys went to Fairham whilst some girls went to either Clifton Hall grammar or Farnborugh . Yes that person was J S she had a successful accountancy firm. BTW I joined Facebook yesterday but unsure how you reached Greencroft site. Thanks again
  8. Thank you Cliff Ton that would be wonderful. I have often been tempted to join FaceBook but unsure of the security aspect. In the 1990s a woman who was in my class at Greencroft junior school (and now lives in Canada ) sent me an old photograph of our class but I seem to have mislaid it. She lived on Failsworth close.
  9. This old song Linden Lea was recorded by the brilliant folk fiddler Dave Swarbrick of Fairport Convention brilliant version. Actually named one of my previous houses Linden Lea.
  10. Yes my dad told about a boy falling in the canal and drowning. I think he said on the way home from school.
  11. Hi my great grandad, grandad and dad (and myself until 4) all lived on Gate street Radford. Great grandad Samuel and my grandad Jacob both worked at both Radford and Wollaton colliery. When the houses were demolished my aunt moved from Gate street to Rodwell close just the other side of the rail lines. I noticed from the map the small recreation ground is still there.
  12. Hello Mr Meeker yes the teachers name was Mr Bailey who taught Morris dancing, he also was in charge of the cricket team for which I played at the time. I actually spoke to him on the phone around late 1980s he was living in Chilwell at the time. Nice teacher as I remember. So that may have been 1957/1958. My last teacher was Mr Richard's, he was a jazz enthusiast and played the piano. I'm still trying to find any photos of year classes at Greencroft without success.
  13. I believe the manager at Marsdens was a Mr Greenwood (my mothers uncle). I worked there delivering groceries on the shop bike whilst still at Fairham. I would have been 14 in 1961. Then had a paper-round at newsagents Rivergreen/sunninghill parade of shops. BTW does anyone have class photos of Greencroft junior school upto 1958. DavdD
  14. yes it was very funny and still gets a laugh. Strange how Scotland, Wales and Ireland can have national dances and England's always seems amusing to many but it's traditional going back at least 500 years and still going.