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  1. I'm inclined to think the Council's bankruptcy is down to plain old-fashioned incompetence rather than a conspiracy.
  2. What abbreviations do people use for Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council? I have to to rename documents on my computer from each of these councils and need to use something short but easy to recognise. I want the text to refer to "Nottingham" or "Nottinghamshire" in order to make them distinct from other councils. So "city council" and "county council" is not specific enough. Using NottmCC and NottsCC seems too easy to mix up. The best I have come up with is NCityC and NCoC. Any better suggestions?
  3. I notice the the BBC Sounds app on my Andorid phone now abbreviates Radio Nottingham as Notts in the circle icon. I am half-sure the BBC Sounds app used to abbreviate it as Nottm, which is what I would use. Other local stations are abbreviated as towns not counties.
  4. Does anyone know of a user-friendly document showing mugshots of the City councillors, and perhaps also showing a map of their wards? The info is on the City Council web site but not in a handy reference document. As you can see in this link below, lots of clicks are needed. List of Nottm City councillors
  5. I haven't been followed Nottm City council's affairs but the news this week of its bankruptcy made me sit up and pay attention. Your old post from 3 years ago seems rather prescient. Are there any threads discussing the current situation? My own searches for "bankruptcy" found nothing.
  6. Other councils manage with no greater skills without going bankrupt. What's so bad about Nottingham council?
  7. Has anyone noticed a problem with DAB radio reception of Radio Nottingham? Curently (Saturday, 11th Nov 2023) I get almost no signal at all. I'm not sure if I normally get my signal from the Mapperley or from the Kimberley transmitter but it must be one of those two. Does anyone else experience this?
  8. Frankly I don't wish to be sickened with the details but, on the other hand, I am concerned that there should be some degree of local awareness to prevent such things happening again under our noses. I rarely if ever hear of local perpetrators being identified. There must have been many of them but they appear to have gone to ground and will never have to account for their behaviours. Yet they are most likely still around.
  9. That sort of organisation and communication between perpetrators is shocking. Why don't we in Nottingham hear more about these allegations and findings in the local media? The local news outlets say little and the general awareness of what's happened seems remarkably low. There is more about Nottingham's past history of child abuse in the national news than local. I ask because I live not far from the old "Beechwood Community Home" on Woodborough Road and was shocked to hear about what had gone on there for years (admittedly many years ago) without us locals realising. However, as
  10. Is there a separate thread which discusses the Nottingham parts of the report last year by Prof Alexis Jay for her Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Inquiry_into_Child_Sexual_Abuse https://www.iicsa.org.uk/reports-recommendations/publications/inquiry/final-report.html
  11. Ping about Heather Ackford. She was a childhood crush of mine! What happened to her? Where did she go after Becket?
  12. At this stage the police statement about Valdo Calocane pains a picture of a model immigrant who is hard-working and studious with no criminal record. He seems to have sadly developed a serious mental disorder. Whatever psychosis struck him that fateful day, it doesn't really explain why a "disturbed but decent" person went out that evening equipped with a large knife; nor why he attempted to burgle a house. Perhaps further police statements will reconcile these different aspects.
  13. Thanks for taking the trouble to provide that background info. Am much obliged. (I'm not sure I fully agree with your characterisation of the public figures you name but that's another discussion!)
  14. It's easier now they have opened up a "major incident" phone line and I did so, but it's far too late. I also raised a concern today that I was thwarted by the web forms used on the police site from doing so a week ago.