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  1. I haven't been into Nottingham centre for years but this week I visited there and saw the ghastly Winter Wonderland. The construction work is impressive enough, especially the ice rink, but it lost all sense of a lovely open space which the Market Square is justifiably famous for. Surely the Square doesn't need to be chock-full of buildings and structures? There must be another place for all this stuff, if it's necessary at all. I've missed any debate which must surely have occurred in previous years, about this loss of primary amenity space. Presumably the city co
  2. Just wondering ... whatever happened to Heather Ackford, one of the biology teachers at Becket? I can't find any reference to her in Google.
  3. What was the old name of the concrete modern hotel on Mansfield Road opposite the Grosvenor Pub? I am thinking of the 1970s or 1980s (when i was a lad). Thanks for any info!
  4. I've just come across your old post. That sounds like a bit of scandal I missed. Were you joking or is it true?
  5. @The Engineer Hello Engineer, sorry for the long delay in replying. Here's a picture of the "high-quality" chemistry lab bench. In fact, I was trying to capture decades of carvings but they haven't really come out clearly. This is a picture of the front stage in the assembly hall/gym. I remember coming in for some Saturday morning detentions (with the scholar shown blurred in the picture) and clearing out the dusty space under the stage. Groo! These are the buildings used to house the physics and biology labs in my day but they may
  6. Here is a picture of the chemistry lab at the original Becket school after the building was abandonded. Now it's been knocked down. Becket chemistry lab
  7. @WAY_BACK_IN_TIME I was at Becket 1967-74 and what you write all seems about right to me. In fact I'm pleased that you posted as I couldn't have recalled half those names. One omission from many Becket School memories is a pupil called Simon Murch. He was there around my time and I wonder if he's the same person as the current Professor of Paediatrics at Warwick who had been a participant in the MMR vaccine affair.