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  1. Can’t say I remember much detail of my first year at BGS, 65 to 66 when I sat the o levels but some names have come back to me. John Bignall, Rob Sissons and Steve Critchley. I am fairly sure that during the year a boy died from an injury sustained in a rugby match. I never knew him but think he was known as Taff. I hope that the tree that was planted in his memory survived the redevelopment of the site as he seemed to be a very popular lad in the school. A couple of teachers I recall made life particularly difficult Skedge and Downing, although Singleton was in his own quiet way suppo
  2. Sorry, was autumn of 66, as we sat the a levels in 68.
  3. Yes, found him on nottingham uni site. Doesn’t look as though he has aged a lot, but it is definitely John. He came to BGS with Malcolm Hawley, and Ashley Sharpe (otherwise known as fag ash) in the autumn of 69 to do a levels at BGS.
  4. Yes I think it might be. John came for his a levels, and went onto read history and politics I think at Lancaster University in 1968. Where is he now?
  5. Recently moved house and found my old A Level certificate, which I sat in the summer of 68. I arrived at BGS in the autumn of 1965, into the 5th year and endured 3 years there. My start was not helped due to the fact that my parents had bought the old headmaster Doctor Peakes house on Parkside which seemed to rile the existing staff, making me a marked man, and I was also told to drop the double barrelled surname at that school which seemed to make assimilation into the school difficult. It is strange that I have not given that 3 years any real thought for such a long time, but readi