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  1. I was born on Gregory Boulevard, lived on Noel Street for around 18 years, and then moved to Keyworth. After marriage, in between spells in Sweden and Finland, we lived in Sherwood and just off Edwards Lane. Then we moved to Somerset followed by Australia. I went to High Pavement Grammar, but left under a cloud when I was fifteen.
  2. I'm delighted to find this site, as I've been asked to provide some memoirs by my daughter. I was born in Nottingham in 1941 and lived there on and off until 1973. I now live in Australia. I've returned twice for family reasons in 2001 and 2010. I was amazed by how much Nottingham had changed on both occasions but expecting it to remain the same is unrealistic.
  3. I worked at Hunt and Colley's in the 50s (also at Trent). I'll post my experiences later.