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  1. Never was a nightclub fan. Not sure what you mean about facebook. There is an old Nottingham group which I am a member of and it is popular.
  2. sorry I should have said. No my shops were the city end - think about Neale's the auctioneers opposite and also further down opposite richter sounds
  3. I spent 6 months in the meadows - 1972. My mum had three of us nippers - and my aunty - who had 4 of her own - lived in her terraced house opposite Clifton Miners Welfare for 1 month while my mum waited for her own house. Imagine that - 7 children and 2 adults in a house that size. I honestly cant or dont want to recall the sleeping arrangements. There were 3 girls and 4 boys. Will get some memories together and post them soon.
  4. In the UK 4 primary schools - 3 secondaries and 1 FE college. Overseas - another 6 if you include kindergartens Yes I didn't have what one would call a settled childhood - we did move around quite a bit.
  5. Yes a bit different but I still find past eras interesting
  6. No Cliff because my nostalgia interests are centred on Nottingham - Im not that bothered about Derby or any of the other places I lived. Being a 1972 Meadows kid gives me some credibility as a local Notts boy so my nostalgia is rooted in those times as it is for a lot of people that lived in the old Meadows.
  7. Thanks - yes I have been many places. I also spent time living abroad as an adult but could not include everything. I see you are in Ely. I lived in Somersham near St Ives (cambs) 2010 to 2021 and know Ely quite well - lovely place.
  8. Hi - Im already a member of a facebook old Nottingham group and saw this site so thought I would join. Here is a brief bio Born 1964 worksop notts - lived Newark until 1967. Moved overseas with parents until 1972. 1972 lived near Bosworth School in the Meadows for a year then moved away from the area. Moved to Ilkeston in 1974-78 then Brinsley until 1979. Moved to Melton until 1981 then moved to Silverdale in 1982. Lived in Nottingham until 1989 then Derby until 1997. Lived in Beeston 97-2001 then W Bridgford until 2010 then moved away from the area. Im
  9. you can order it by post - mine came next day - I did the pcr and send it by post on friday - on saturday they texted the result. go online to order by post
  10. sounds to me then that £15 off for a japanese sword is actually poor - though it is more like £50 today still peanuts
  11. Thanks David that is very interesting - particularly about the Japanese swords. Cant imagine he had many replies to that ad - not your average item
  12. Thanks David that is interesting - I assume there is no info on the different types of retail shop it was after it was a tobacconist. I expect the CP Soar bought up the building in the 70s/80s and from recent photos looks like he is still there.
  13. Thats it - no 173 next to the Barber. That Barber - when I was there in the late 80s - was a Terrarium dealer. On the other side of me was the Nottingham branch of the National Association of Shopkeepers. 1 door down was a greengrocer run by a young man who was there for a year or so. When I took over 173 in 1988 - it already had some stock in it that looked like it was a joke shop - stink bombs etc - a gorillas mask and lots of other novelty stuff. I know there was a joke shop down the road and wondered if there was any connection. Anyway I did have a great time with that shop and have loads
  14. No guys - it was further up just down from the chippy on the corner - opposite the Elbow Cafe.
  15. Just joined the forum guys. I was the owner of Software City. Glad someone remembers it.